Sunday, August 30, 2009


Dear Cupcakes, you look sweet sweety cake.
@rissacupcake been tweetin the whole process...
-falling asleep painting cupcakes );

-no fingerprints, but OUCH! my hands huuurrrrrrttt );
-**taking the doorknockers off, **wiping my eyeliner off, **cheetahh shorts... Dear Night, thanks for the no sleep ahead of me sunrise craftn
-MIA PLIERS!!!!! UGH! how can life even go on?
-nap time. be up soon, to some more crafting but i leave with a new beauty i created as perfect as can be,
-my hand can breatheee! for the night I'm done with latex gloves!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

hey girl, hey boy!

im humbled by your sweet glamorous support!
"cup cup cup cupcakes on 'herrrr neck!"

if i ran a yearbook outside of school they'd win cutest couple cause they're cute with soft hustles, they wear it well..

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mmmm num num num Life,

"Life tastes sweeter when you just smile through the drama" -ginger la bella

because i was slightly put down in the midst of uplifting a sad soul &ginger my midwest love was there to save me.... a few text messages from friends to remind me to just pray &practice what i preach and a few horoscope "i told you so's" ginger threw at me.. lol I've been handling things better than I'd handle things for the past year, I'm no longer the vulnerable girl who cries her eyes out or the sappy girl who sleeps to her saddest r&b playlist or the clingy girl blowing up her mans phone for a better tomorrow. I'm proud of myself im even a few days away from my girl time and I'm holding my sappy tears back better than I've ever done. You win some you lose some i guess I'm in the heat of both winning and losing all in one but im staying grounded. troubles in my home troubles in my relationship &troubles in education troubles in my income a fun filled cupcake hustle has never let me down but i need more, I'm no greed i just know I'm worthy of a good sponge to soak up education and live a good life with a happy career. but for now this life is yummy cause "Life tastes sweeter when you just smile through the drama"

Monday, August 24, 2009

feeling less of a lady...

respect self. respect self. respect self. respect self. respect self. respect self. respect self. respect self. respect self. respect self. respect self. respect self. respect self. respect self. respect self. respect self. respect self. respect self. respect self. respect self. respect self. respect self. respect self. respect self. respect self. respect self. respect self. respect self. respect self. respect self. respect self. respect self. respect self. respect self. respect self. respect self. respect self. respect self. respect self. respect self. respect self. respect self. respect self. respect self. respect self. respect self. respect self. respect self. respect self. respect self. respect self. respect self. respect self. respect self. respect self. respect self. respect self. respect self. respect self. respect self. respect self. respect self. respect self.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

sooo sick, it's sweeeeet!

Dj Cest La Vie// sweet soul soft hustle.

**she humbles me sooo, must i mention ie's got a fine lady spinner. Catch a gig, like it's a badddddddd virus! (cest la vie)

enough play/

take it how you like I'm over//sharing :P
nothin new just a GPOYW over share edition.
my hearts jumping//no change
i got nancy all up in my life hence//my thought train.

+off to baking for phatz' event thang
"24 Seven Habiliments - Belly of The Beast Mixtape Release Party"
+thurs. will consist of villain type friends
+vip type necklines
+cupcakes 24/7, oh this is our hustle.
+i got great friends who admire my softening.
+dubs for batches!
+text messages for happiness!
+shocking pink? maybe.
+black &white business attire/ job please pray for &tomorrow's morning happs!
+royalty cupcake for Danielle's neckline.
+chilling with the ladies tomorrow
+wish i can go to Rick's sushi affair 2nite but i gots sweets to put in the oven!
"Network Mixer Tonight/ BBi Clothing"
+will misss smiley face.

ok really i gotta go bake 4+ batches, dye my hair, pick my interview clothes out, make miss Danielle's necklace &cut toothpick thingy's out! PEEEEAAACCCCEEEEEEEEEE!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

sylvia's cuter than you!!

cause her toes is on point.
gotta make a sally's run.

ugh! Shocking Pink i need you in my life.

sweety you already know i hustle cakes...

stepping my game up. workin on my etsy right now &paypal.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Friday, August 14, 2009

Married to the cakes!

Earn the cakes baby, earn'em!
you'd probably believe me if i said lowkeyish textersations that makes up for smiles i been missing for a while like it's happiness' vacations...

+slept in peace
+woke up smothered in sweetness
+new found twitter family
+company'd the bored
+my shoulders are light
+u do u i do i
+left over cupcakes
+everyone needs a sweet soul
+goverment-Rissa B. Flirtin
+i see movies in her future
+thick is loves.

oh dear, Self Love your quite the sweet kind.

dido, locally i support<3


"those cakes cakes were the business" -barelybrokeintellects

Thursday, August 13, 2009

cause surely im flipping

yesterday's word.
"wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will be" Matthew 6:21

today's word.
"So be truly glad. There is wonderful joy ahead, even though you have to endure many trials for a little while" 1 Peter 1:6
by day, i pray, i say...
"Make me unselfish without being blind"

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

call me silly,

but what's the sign?
cause last i checked I've been defaulted after a rough long lonesome night....

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sap & a 1/2

...because my life right now could use my very own mixtape "Cupcakin Emotional Rollercoasters" a Bible, a batch of cupcakes made with love from my east coast girls &a Boston Terrier puppy for a soft humble soul... Life makes me want to scream with rage! He makes me want to cuss out storms.... explanations are pointless right now, your closet is full, have already taken effect on me... but imma stay sane cause "No man is ever worth a paradise" -L. Hill

to think our lesson from God was a near death experience but you looked me in my eyes with love in the air like it's never been but you had a few things in the closet...



-ello mama face!
-hey i don't have a face! you like my grape jelly nails?

**stops buying uncrustables

cause i like'em homemade &frozen!Photobucket

Sunday, August 9, 2009

by day, i pray, i say...
"Make me unselfish without being blind"
"Almond eyes always cry, because the butterflies always lie."-Ginger

catch me in the streets/ painting inspired much by her quote coming soon as soon as i pick up my paints from my old house...

catching dreams catches street skids

Life hit a weird rock last night, my entire life flashed right in front of my eyes late lastnight on the freeway, this made the most simplest things in life matter... I've yet to figure the meaning of last night's happenings but i know swerving head on to traffic with a blown out back tire on the freeway going 80ishhhh was a scare my nerves handled well?... I put my trust in Christian, and he got me safe out of oncoming traffic when we ended up far on the carpool lane facing the wrong direction feeling stalled out driving on rims dusty air with dirt from skidding... God through me a tough one, this one was with my love... crying it out in his arms, sitting on thorns, walking on freeways, jumping fences.... and waiting in parking lots with Capri suns &twistlers I've yet to stop getting these knots in my throat, flashbacks are the hardest thing to avoid I'm tired of crying &thinkin what August 9th would have been like if the worst came out of last night... I'm still in shock, I'm way shook-up the thoughts of bright lights and cars skidding past us as we're facing them, drops tears and makes me reevaluate my purpose in life and makes me realize how much more sweeter life is... feeling like I'm seconds away from a fatal car accident site &me &my love are the reason to it all.. i know god put his hand's on both Chris and I... We have purpose and lessons to learn, hearts to touch, dreams to catch and souls to soften.... Seeing Chris shook-up crying to me was the hardest thing... i had to keep reminding him to loosen up and be cool we were safe... &God knew it definitely wasn't our time
"We still have to paint the world..."

+ending it well with Soul Massive family
+true friends in need, indeed
+crying at church
+feeling like a whole new bestfriend to a boy friend

Saturday, August 8, 2009

by day, i pray, i say...
"Make me unselfish without being blind"

Babygirl, respect is just a minimum

Ok hahahahaha i love the fact that i tried to do the unusual and failed completely, it's so funny that fact that i tried Listen to the words while being a mute, like i don't know the words already? but on some sanctuary quiet type shit... light a candle take in the familiar ha negative! Who in the world can be mute listening to a Lauryn Hill song? Pfffffftttttttt not me BLAST IT & SING IT who cares who's around! especially if it states your current... puh-lease, volume 1 with Lauryn on the track pffftt go somewhere!

Friday, August 7, 2009


dedicated to the funnies
to num num num &chowderrrrrrrrrr
to breakfast @2pm
to hair dying back to "velvet black"
to hanging with the little sister &lauren bo bouren
to a silent cel phone
to a silent girlfriend
to a few canvas boards for a few friends that soften my hustle...
to my east coast loves
to my piercing and tattoo placements

most of all...
to a next week planning trip to LA
to a crafter's brainstorm
to a new cupcake look
to a new inspired piece

Meh i got big thangs, little thangs BLAH!

I'm craving pastries &a green tea latte with soy like no other!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


2 days ago i came up with my color scheme considering i will have one in my near future for long LA trips and beach streets I just told Chris these exact colors is what i want for mine!!! i knew google had everything.... here i am google accompanying me in my bed sheets borrrrrrred.... **tahdaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...
lavender & baby pink
i'll marry the man who drops one of these off at my front door.... **rings my door bell and the key's just swangin in my face, if your on one knee with the Key Ring "YES!" is my answer... if you know me well enough i'll kill for one of these babies, im not flashy i don't care for new car smells give me a Volkswagen van so i can put Rose curtains in that bisshhh!!

tell him,

"Make me unselfish without being blind"

Monday, August 3, 2009

Happy Meal?

"Hi! Yes, I'll take a Man with a side order of Likes to text me & another side order of Calls me back... Thank you!"

Sunday, August 2, 2009

reblogage it's no extra baggage

Will i ever get over the fact that Michelle Obama's toes are hot pink? No. Cause it's been months &every time i polish my nails or toenails hotpink i feel nothin less than
"The First Lady"

Happy Sunday, Bloody 6'oclocks!!

Dear True Blood,
thanks for being my Sunday drug... so i love the fact that my tv is three hours ahead... i can watch with my eastcoast<3. So tonight around 6ish i will be tuned in while im packing my bags up for my event tonight... Im sure i'll only get 30minutes or so into you but my pause and record works perfect... so when i come back in the next few hours i can tune right back into where i left off... Happy Sunday, Bloody 6'oclocks!!

xoxo Rissa

4a.m.isssh &shit's still wetissssh

-ewwww forever the drying
+chains all linked up &ready for a cake
+tags all ribbon'd up
+toothpicks all taped up
+business cards all bagged up
-99cent store for candles

I'm ready to vend baby, &soften hustles in bulk! later this day after a very much needed cat nap considering Tom stopped by for the week, &told me expect mild cramps, which i have.. expect sappy mornings, which I've cried.. Tom just came to ruin the week or so basically... LATER TODAY AFTER A MUCH NEEDED NAP... i will clean &then get to my baking cause i was short on ingredients and I'm picky but a good kinda picky i like my cupcakes to be fresssh for the hard hustles... christian picked me up the rest of what i needed so later that's all i have to do...

SIDENOTE: Guys i got yo neck covered now!! rope chains &black rosary beads.. come &get it here later at around 7issssh-midnght All pieces are exclusive &cheaper in person... Come get your FREE edible cupcake, homemade right out my oven!

**"where her grind began in her bedroom... &drifted her ass to the kitchen where the sweet frosting happens"

Goodmorning early bird
this is where i part &say
Goodnight sweetheart,
i got a cat nap to take!


Saturday, August 1, 2009

ice cream &cake do the ice cream &cake!

is it bad i wish it was like 5 minutes long...?

I'm dedicating this Satuday to strictly...

Baking cupcakes!!!!!!!!
for those this Sunday who appreciate my presence &love the fact that my cupcakes soften their hustle's like NO OTHER!

i wish my double shot of cholas solé &kaykay were here to help... i need down ass creative girls with juices(acception of our kaykay lmao creative juices? well maybe not soo much but twiilight juices oh yes) to help me bake these cupcakes listen to rap songs &r&b hits &blast Michale Jackson, Lykke Li &Prince around my house.... will my east coast girls please drift my way... Home alone, to craft &bake alone once again.... don't get me wrong it's peaceful &the zone is on beyond the average but company never did me wrong....

product sharings with my momma +/-

-paul mitchel hair serum
-tea leaf conditioner
-make-up/ the good brushes
-curling iron
-summer shirts

my family's been gone since Wed. night they packed their bags and went off to San Pedro i had a few plans, and a few things to craft so i stayed behind to learn that last night getting ready to finally go out... was a malfunction &a 1/2 DAMMIT i was left...
High &Dry!
without a doubt high &dry, hair that was suppose to be curly was frizzy so i took a bootleg straightener to it... so hair that was suppose to be straight had it's own straight wave to it, lovely right? so smacking make up on my face knowing i had no brushes for my eyeliner! no concealer for under my foundation! i felt a mess &a 1/2! lol meh i guess it was whatever the La air hit my hair and it did it's complete own thing, luckily we went to a gay hookah bar, which was dark! & which was strange and a mystery at first... so i guess sitting this close to my best friend was ok in this part of town? we happen to be the gayest of friends we do boyfriend/ girlfriend type shit... and for once it was normal in this part of public Bwahahahahaha....

which i thought was a horrible night, then thought it was the best night ended up being a bad night gone good &then bad again! but just the fact that i hung out with my best friend when it all falls down Life's a good Bitch! sometimes... when you hit it &quit it!

double - - luckily i look forward to getting ready again for my Sunday night meh!

just when my mood aint righhhht, &sleeping aint tight...

it's the little things that matter...
it's when i get a DM from my son...
life it just seems sweeter...
less stress...
mo' love...
"i love you. nigga.. -justinroston