Friday, October 31, 2008


day by day... we live,

Think twice,

Thursday, October 30, 2008

ello, 1 day til halloween party!

slackin, on the blogging cause this decorating &cleaning has taken over my life! my moms a gluestrist, holleration! here i bring you cupcakes to soften yo hustle with sexy aprons! enjoy, come trick -or - treat at my house my homegirl Clara &i will soften you up a bit! (; sorry for short blogging.. considering I'm a bitchy blogger right now, i have sleep hair i haven't touched in 2 hours, my hand is food colored red! the door has a mnor flaw due to serious food coloring issues, there's two right hands vs. right &left lmao, home crafting is fun putting brown paper bags to work son! it's windy the spiderweb outside is falling... my dad tried to wake me up at 733am to start cleaning, nigga i been cleaning for two weeks.. shuts door**, "ugggggh! bugaboo parents i swear!" im excited yet, exhausted!

**oh yea! cel phone shots again, blah! if your barely catchin on to my reads, my canon &i broke up i put that bitch in the top junk drawer! we're beefing right now, she causes to much pain! im un-happy &need of new kind love.. plus her memory is bananas no mem. card, she's wack i miss chris' camera!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


that's one Glamorous Hustle!

imishu so,

sweet side effects...

Halloween party, (;

for the record my mom cannot stop decorating the house! she's been stressing this party &cleaning for a full week... she even yelled at the refrigerator man when he came to fix ours.. but in the mean time... my costume is coming out so bomb on some baker type shit! umm Starbucks is a must in a stressful party planning home! &the cherry on top is our argument right now... dwelling on some sweet stuff! i hate it, IMIHIM', I've learned I'm a bit vulnerable when it comes to my boyfriend, which is never a good trait... spoiling him with my sweetness has bitter side effects ); another long talk with joanna, another story telling while baking velvet heart cakes.. racing to bed before the sun comes up around 645ishh... well, enjoy my wack ass cell phone shots you don't get plenty of these from me.. (;

Sunday, October 26, 2008

default la rock love Yay!

i love it, it humbles me oh so well...
my whole being smiles not just my mouth!
cali supports cali type love,
will not stop bloggin her till "Downtown Girl" has a million+ plays (;
Listen Now Here! refresh &replay!
show love, even Cupcakes soften the flyest!
blog love holler!

+look out for some doorknockin soon mamas, i swear i stay humble thru my rise...

glk love letter, 11 months &3 days strong!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

arts &crafts make the world go 'round

ink mama got goods for me, yay!
look what i got coming in the mail! (;
+"rissa" throwee on the back
+wild handstyle on the other side that says "cupcake buffers"
+&special request :P

i love creative mamas, (; special trades are always fun!
stay positive, embrace inspirations...

&la rock finally got her mailies so here lap top is no longer nakey!
ladies, fill yo ears wit some good stuff! don't listen to crap listen to Dana La Rock HERE!

Friday, October 24, 2008

good air, sweet shares...

id just like to share..
yesterday with one of the sisters we shared some different views exchanged some interesting words but when it all falls down.. I've never doubted her artwork or journey so on blast.. "i wish her luck with her sistargirl rise" (;
light note, for the past few days I've been grinding down on small sales...
waiting for checks to come in the mail to mail out a couple thangs,
finishing other projects to mail out mamas in NY &Ohio goods
yesterday went to Michael's spent 49.59 on jewel supplies special thanks to ink &her girl for helping me fix my flaws.. across the state help, support, &ideas is LOVE.
well last night made over 20+ cupcakes &got doper chains...
so you can enjoy your cupcakes on ropes! (;

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

dana la rock has goodies coming in the mail,

Update: Cupcake orders as i told lala i had a minor flaw that I'm fixing as we speak therefor you have a flawless cupcake around your neck so please be patient mamas (; if you've ever hand crafted anything it's always useful to have many Ginny pigs before you send out &you have to put the test to every product just to make sure you don't get bad feedback &talk on the streets trynna keep it sweet mamas... (; thank you ladies....

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

unhappy lips,

i miss him, sometimes 1 full day is too long!

guilty pleasure (;

My, my my my Soul Massive boys. . .

worked the hell outta the floor. . .
soul massive made a few marks that won't come up!
i feel like i missed out,

Monday, October 20, 2008


surprise for when he wakes, (;

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Cornbread butter &honey

Queen of reminicing, dang corn goes way back! lol good times &bad times we met off of Eharmony, lmao! jk jk jk, i won't go that way back... to where i met him but the guy's got unconditional tough love... "Love like you going to jail" despite all the shit i talked about him vice versa, the drama club we joined back in the days. . . i've invested in the The host wit the most, It's CORNBREAD nigga not toast... best friends Yay! he's lucky I'm forgiving or is it im lucky? eh maybe you'll find some good reads :/ jk see we shine tough love, you will find good reads bread for your soul.. Jams, jams he got he's my personal disk jockey, he's got stacks of vinyl in his brain yo, classic boom boom booty bounce golden era sing you to sleep type jams at the top of his head alone, we haven't even looked in his backpack or crates! guaranteed yo ass a laugh, go head' giggle it up. . . tune into The Corny Collins Show?

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Cupcake of the week, wk4

once again my regular reader this time didn't remind me but begged me to do a "Cupcake of the week" aww love, so here you go... wk4 brings you Hello Kitty Cupcakes, mmmmmmmmm creative i must add &not hard to attempt what is that velum paper? easily cut out take a black sharpie to that, red, little bit of yellow.. its like a Hello Kitty cupcake jacket! (;

Hello Kitty will always be in my blood, as long as i can remember the Sanrio store was heaven, when i was young my mom would take me in there I'd get 1 lead pencil, like 5 of my favorite regular pencils, 1 of those little push erasers when they were the "new cool thing"... i'd get two packs of gum, this was like every month... i always looked forward to Del amo mall when i lived in Lomita.. it was fun Sanrio wins my heart♥
"once you go black there goes your credit!"
-late night Texas' talks with my cousin Tiana, lmao is that forreal? "girl don't tell me that, i just started building me credit yo!"

Beyonce, always puts on my shoes!

This isn't the first time she's said word for word an emotion I've shared at one point, I
can cry to this song! the last 2 minutes I got chills, chocked up a bit, the twist at the end is legit, wow bananas! beyonce always comes back double time... She didn't fall off the face of earth for nothing...

lala give me good vibes,

"old but still applies"


"And you want my love
Well that's alright
Well it will be there for you morning, noon and night
But you gotta be good
And do it right
Ain't got no time for part-time lovin' in my life"

When did you fall in love with Hip-Hop?


I love Brown Sugar, one of my favorite movies <3


oh the jammy jams,

those power 106 pressing play &record on a tape player type days, rewind &record make your perfect mixtape

where are you mama?

i heard she still performs mid 90's somewhere. . . omg if i found her &i heard these similar sounds I'd be on complete cloud 9,


lmao, quite funny

Friday, October 17, 2008


Cupcakes love Lala

+first buyer
+first ginnypig (;
+cupcake mamas love Lala
+she's packin, $40.00 mama get's free shit! "surprise, surprise!"

"smell the cupcake love, embrace the hustle, these are sweets smell so good make you wanna eats!"

don't forget to visit her, lady with blog credibility

very content,

ta ta ta ta ta totally unplanned

not only does it suck when plans fail, but when three hit you in such a short time man does it hurt so good? lmao instead of stinky smell good LA... me &her went to VG's walked for 2 mintues, went to cheesecake factory got our vanilla bean cheesecake, free water, &free bread.. killed time, watched Lakeview Terrace, pyscho man yo! i saw my dad's job lmao in the movie LAPD stuff.. all in all on some rebound lesbian type shit we had fun, not only was the theater lonely also, i was a bit too i missed my boy... my cupcake extravaganza failed small kine, atleast we got to wear our necklaces! &boyfriend on a budget didn't visit me... im not sad which every emotion &acton i pulled tonight portrayed some sort of saddness but if i had to tell the truth.. "i miss my man!" shit, &his dead unpayed phone is driving me bonkers! i need his voice in my life! lmao... goodnight readers♥

Emotional Rollercoaster girl

Thursday, October 16, 2008

cupcake plans over carne asada fries...


-stayed up til 4ishh 5
+they came out bomb!
+/-visually sweet, taste like clay! lmao
+$5, promotional sale
+yay, la tonight
+meeting Dana La Rock tonight
+downtown shindig
-still has to bake, wash, clean,
-pliers &gold chains! i hate tools!

to be continued...
enjoy the visuals, (;
more flavors coming soon!

$5 /$10 with gold chain,

on a different note, come tonight!