Sunday, October 19, 2008

Cornbread butter &honey

Queen of reminicing, dang corn goes way back! lol good times &bad times we met off of Eharmony, lmao! jk jk jk, i won't go that way back... to where i met him but the guy's got unconditional tough love... "Love like you going to jail" despite all the shit i talked about him vice versa, the drama club we joined back in the days. . . i've invested in the The host wit the most, It's CORNBREAD nigga not toast... best friends Yay! he's lucky I'm forgiving or is it im lucky? eh maybe you'll find some good reads :/ jk see we shine tough love, you will find good reads bread for your soul.. Jams, jams he got he's my personal disk jockey, he's got stacks of vinyl in his brain yo, classic boom boom booty bounce golden era sing you to sleep type jams at the top of his head alone, we haven't even looked in his backpack or crates! guaranteed yo ass a laugh, go head' giggle it up. . . tune into The Corny Collins Show?

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LaLa said...

the sweetest thing.