Thursday, April 30, 2009

late schmate...

girlfriend boyfriend thang!
"two live brothas with the lady fly girl" -The Mighty!
C'est La Vie Break time!
A custom cupcake ring on spot... (;
they twins period.

it was a dope night

enough is enough

dreaming of gold frames yet?

i know too much driving you Insane in da membrane, but I've been working on a lot of presenting myself a little better with a clean way of promotion... with one click to my blogspot type graphics... being asked for graphics to put on certain sites... coming up on everything even my cakes and quality life span it's all for the better... &if you know me well enough I love me some gold frames.. Gold Frames Make My World Go 'round &i go hard with Rosary chains!!

So i will be blessing you soon with:
- New ideas
- Men pieces
- Wall hangers
- Arm hangers
- Vintage Finger cream Bahahahahaha!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

i miss my mustache :P

actually i miss my bestfriend &my sisters cute ass bangs!

i got that new new...

i'm back witha sweet bang!
i finally have new stuff... stuff I've promised you all...
"pray to your sweets"
prices changed a little...
Rosary's are $20
more rosary chain colors soon but for now clear iridescent beads
Guy Rosary's coming soooon
ummm still orders via email
Enjoy let's Build your favorite cupcake


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

today i pack up the old...

Yolanda sings to my soul...
while i pack up my room the music's blasting and Pandora is picking yet ALL THE RIGHT SONGS... I made a promise to myself last Thursday without the foolish excuses my relationship with God has to grow from this point on... i fell off more than i needed to... and i came to realize that i was only in the mess i was because God wasn't my #1 anymore... when all would fail I'd call my closest homegirls and my much dedicated boyfriend material thangs would always soften my soul but that all should be secondary stuff! I had to come to realization again... but you know i knew at the beginning i was too vulnerable for my own good now I'm 2 years into this... i have to BUILD MYSELF from the ground up... the beauty in this is when "my little world" shakes i always know who to turn to... there's never been a doubt but i can't take my god for granted i should trust him for every step i take from the good steps and the bad steps, let him guide my every step "Let Go, Let God"

"i want to work with you
i want to grow with you
and learn more
i love you
i know we got this
let god work in us please...
im changing ME for me &you
change you for you &us
that's all im asking for...
im finding myself... im positive i could do this with you..."

reading the word and staying close to god never fails....
thank you lala

softens my soul...

story of my broken record....

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ugggh! crunch time

-procrastinator top notch
-2 batches of cupcakes mixed baked and frosted
-batch specially made for Noa James cater to the sugar highs :P
-tooth picks and photos, must haves (;
-20+ necklaces for your hustle via tonight in claremont
-hauuuuuiiiir did
-foundation on
-Outfit dilemma :/
-packed boxes cause im moving and panties are missing!! UGH!
-shoulda printed business cards.. line was bananas
-gold &white heart doilies for my booth (;
-gold frames ALWAYS

thank you gramma for washing my dishes... ♥
Bye! See you tonight? (;
“time is money! Baby, i need my cupcake mix and eggs pronto!”
**texts tiana, (please tell chris)

word for word

"No man is ever worth a paradise..."

when times is tough...

if you know me i turn to prayer &anything lauryn hill... anything within the fine lines of her lyric really keeps me more grounded and sane than anything else....
"Its not a mountain that I'm ever too tired to climb
And who's counting? - But I know at least a thousand times
I let you know I'm here for you, care for you, and confide in you
Break bread, share with you and provide for you
And that's full time - it's no 9 to 5 with you
That's why I'm tryin' to work it out with you"

building robots....

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

sole giving me soul,

"men are b*tches, they need a strong woman"
"strong women are strong for a reason"
"it's tough without being brutal"
"build character"

"heeey how bout you tag up on my walls"

i miss him live,


I remember the days, when there was the three days straight of reggae vibes, invading his 100+ acres of land he called home... BBQing Hawaiian style, feeding horses, eating FRESH EVERYTHING! cause he grew every crop **wink wink if you know what i mean (2 huge greenhouses full of medicine) , sleeping in tents, waking up to bonfires and rice in the pot on the fire, back stage passes because of my grampa, Ever since my Grampa passed away, there's no more Reggae On the River trips up north to the Humboldt County.

I just had a moment like i always have of flipping thru slide shows of old photos and youtubing my grampa when he was alive... Probably the most story telling interesting Grampa ever, with the same kinda love for Bob Marley as me... I guess I'm in this state because it's about that time he come visit us again, and give me loads of stories and plan another reggae/ luau trip to his home... sleep on our floor in his sleeping bag with all his surf clothes cause he just came from our local beaches surfing our waves... just a visit, every 5 or 6 months... i guess I've been in denial and still waiting.... I wish he could go to some of the live art shows I've painted at and i wish he could see how far i took the artsy/ musical part in me... knowing it ran in the family... i know he sees what I'm doing. I'm more than sure he's watching me... and visiting me even more often than the 5- 6months... i just wish in flesh he was here... but i don't worry cause i know i carry his stories with me everywhere and his spirit is still alive in all of us...


Living by this, once again...

when I need attention I tend to nag,
I'm a host of imperfection
&you see past all that.
"I blog sweet thangs bout you, sweeter than 'sweet nothing whispers' and there you go talkin all that sweet shit, with what's her name!"

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

her voice and chills all in one...

When things were more Bitter than Sweet
this song takes me way back to like Sept 07...

infinite growing...

third summer &counting...

Crazy Addition
-infatuations circa 011407'

Downtown LA complaining &waterfights are better when your comfortable...
"Ewwwwwwwb I'm sick of you!"
"Did we hold hands last summer? This summer's too hot for this..."
"It's too hot! my hands are sweaty!"
"Don't touch me it's too hot!"
"Your hot? I'm hot!"
"it smells like chorros and stinky wet feet!"
"I'm in ball soup! So! i hate my thighs!"

"Can't have your cake and eat it too"

I'm glad i didn't eat the cake...
some parts i just don't want to think about at all! my best friend jo told me if i find it in me to forgive myself then it'll be erased... sometimes it's tough but times like this i know it was better i put the fork down and didn't bite into that piece...


cause you just pushed one on my last buttons...


Been pushing and i only have a few standing, I like that i tried to be nice... and be the good friend when a friends down help'em out... being real turned into a argument i careless about it really... woke me outta my sleep and got to my nerves, yelled and demanded better quality shit? cause fake gold turns colors? oh really? get a job? really? yea for a second i felt like my mom was yelling at me... and i get enough of that. i don't need to talk to a friend and get cussed out in the middle of the night, have no room to talk cause your yapping on and on....

Dilemma: I'm grinding from my bedroom yo! downtown LA chains have blessed me by cheap prices for well enough chains! well of course my chains aren't 14k gold shit i can't even afford 10k so in time depending on the person the chains WILL rust some quicker than others NOTE TO SELF: even real gold, silver, or whitegold can turn skin green it all depends on your body type and how much copper is in the piece...

My thing is if you have money for better chains than help me out ok! but until then or until i have a legit cash flow.. Excuse me if I'm grinding, run with me from the beggining or not! Must i remind you I'm only 7 months shy into this little cupcake jewelry business? Who do you know started from the top? it's a lot of money spent it's a lot of experiementing.. it's a lot... Put your self in my shoes for one minute than try cussin me out Cause your gold chains turned colors! Really?

I'm done, late night phones calls shouldn't get the best of my sleep... I wish i can blame this on PMS but I'm far from that time... Frustrated is Frustrated.

Vented. Now i need to finish packing my room up, shower, craft, and photoshop shit!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Tea shortage? Empty Bed?

at one point i was low on tea, but now i go to sleep full... 041609

photo via jeanbaby

your my crazy love...


&we don't stop...

P.S I Love You(r Blogspot)

I love the fact that he doesn't read blogs, doesn't update his myspace, post updated photos, changing his myspace moods is a hassle, let alone READING! barely reads my blog. Swore he'd never own a blogspot, twitter, tumblr, whatever if it wasn't easy as 1..2..3.. it didn't involve him... hahahaha oh what an impact i have on him...

I guess you can get your latest GLK update via blogspot now cause if it wasn't last minute text messages than you didn't know shit bout nuffin... let's just hope he keeps us up to date at least cause i doubt we'll ever see "Dear Diary," post. emotional, open with sharing feelings to the world almost never...

Sap to make my world go 'round:
Chris: "dont get too excited but,"
Rissa:"oh really baby!? Blogging? how can one blog when he has such lazy-tendencies? Welcome to my world GLK LOVER BOY! you can only become a blogger under 1 condition... YOU MUST READ THANGS! ...sweet blogger love affair! (; i love you thanks for joinin me baby! i didn't feel complete on blogspot! lmao"

Thursday, April 16, 2009

**kicks chris
“board meet boyfriend-boyfriend meet board”

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

flavorful summer

+liquor cupcakes
+east coast bbq's
+crafting all nighters in the east
+first time tag adventures
+sole for my hustle
+hustle &play time, etc...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Get on the good foot!

matured sneaks type love (;
oh how we mature a bit, classy funky Sundays "Wooooooaaoow! on the good foot!"

Cope speakin trufffff,

"Represent yourself!"
"don't worry bout other females represent yourself"
"Women should get together more instead of hating"
"Same way guy's hatin each other, girl's do the same shit they hatin like a mother f*cker!"

Saturday, April 11, 2009