Tuesday, December 29, 2009

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NC35 ♥

my morning love tap,

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

lurrrves it! wants it!

Merry Christmas,

it's crazy how time has passed on by... with a 2 day count down, stress-less or stressful home, online findings, knotting blankets, baking Christmas cookies, making pound cake &making some of them famous Strawberry Cornbread Cupcakes... tis' the season &it feels so sweet, different.. yet again a good different. Every other year my family &I bounce back &forth from my dad's side to my mom's side.. this year catch me on my dad's side getting my travels on in the harbor cities... This year's on a more simpler side... Santa's droppin hints early for me with a few cute invisible gifts... gifts that dont need to be unwrapped gifts you can't buy at the store.. the kind that makes me soft in the inside.... i didn't make a huge list of Material things this year or i didnt make one at all!?.... &already im feeling pretty good with these gifts... i guess this year i have one to look forward to literally "unwrapping"... one that's been talked about for about a month again between my little sister &a boo thang... but until the hour...

my blessings have been good to me my heart's warm &my soul's sweet...

May this season's blessings
Soften Yo Hustle

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

that's my girl!

bad girls are yummy!

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Sunday, December 20, 2009


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P.S i hatechu PMS

just a fair warning, cause im "nice" like that...
sleep on it cause only a few
things can soften my girl hustle...
i swear no pun intended!

+french pop
+cherry garcia
+East coast chola♥
+24.7 boo thang text
+Pandora.com goodness
+freshly baked cupcakes
+late night mint green tea's &honey
+LA adventure for some C&K findings

Saturday, December 19, 2009

10am Sweetness Overload

imy mj bad,
in my hood!

lastnight was sweet, overly sweet night loaded with chilled ones, exchanged Xmas gifts?, homemade carne asada fries, cheetah tights, sisters♥ craziness, bondign with new friends, mad gab teams, random toe games &help baking cookie cupcakes with a boo thang... in my hood!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

bday girl, with lotsaaah bday l♥ve

Birthday Blessings DAИA LΔ ΓOCK
another +1 year...
another Sagittarius honey thang...
another Birthday wish...
another yearly blessing...

you've definitely blessed me much these past few years, i wish nothing but the best for you, and lots a success lyrically & musically for your new year to come...

Monday, December 14, 2009

"dance, sex, music, hip-hop..
It's bigger than religion"

--erykah badu

I la la la la love my...

too sweet soul, right now blame it on
She loves her Cornbread Vol 1.
floating around my iTunes
blasting it much, thank you for my
tweet that thang, @djcornBREEZE

10am Sweet Galaxy,

Good morning to you too &Happy 10am

it's been a while im just back to say...


...courtesy calls, imy mj Bad's, photo whats happenings, whatscrackalackinbootysmackin's, hoochie wake up calls, and ghetto boy goodbyes "Bet, One" because so... My cupcakes sweet like sugar. I'm Sweet like, Da double dee double di Da double dee double di Da double dee double di, sugar...

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Will you marry me?

A-duh, Yes!
...cause the man who puts this ring on my finger will be the man i spend the rest of my life with, i thought you knew baby

...then again materialistic thangs can never buy my I'll settle for a few plastic cupcake ring toppers! & A-duh, Yes!

It just dawned on me, Wah!?

I wish i was London bound, for one reason...

I've been following her for years now, Archives up n down this hot mama... Wah, has always inspired me, spiced my outings up, &softened my hustle.. Sharma WahMagazine the touch behind it all...

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Friday, December 11, 2009

Thursday, December 10, 2009

j "is dot com" ewels

her dot com is looking fancy schmancy, actually it's a bit on the sexy side, hahaha the shiny gold bamboos in the pink background... LOVES IT,
she keeps it 1 shot original style... you snooze you loose out on the that one pin... let's not forget she keeps a girl pinned up on every level if you feeling wild, pin that cheetah one, if your feeling sassy quite artsy and fafi she's got a few for you... she never lets you down, let her pins explain your attitude of the day... let's not forget im way overdue for a new batch of pins!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

East Loves Dumpin bags,

My little Kay Kay, fuckin twilight/ cosmetic freakzoid this would be her purse! Vote for Kay heartymagazine♥ , EMAIL vote@heartymagazine.com for KAY FROM purplelipstiick.blogspot.com

&Sole would be holding the streets down in her purse ALONE, always ready for a little paint on the walls! Vote for Sole heartymagazine♥ , EMAIL vote@heartymagazine.com for GlamorousVandal FROM Glamorous-Vandal.tumblr.com

Bwahahahah my east coast chola's entered a Bag Dump contest that i am actually mad they didn't tell me about it cause if you know me... my purse stay random extra socks, extra panties nail polish, paint markers, prob 3 sets of doorknockers, pliers, candy, hello kitty playing cards, snacks, bobby pins, cupcake sprinkles, stickers shit maybe I'll dump my bag later&share with you for funs!!! lol but my girls are holding it down i was humbled by what they carry in their bags not surprised one bit!! **a purse aint a purse without Hello Kitty or Cupcakes!

+Fafi Mac Collection
+French music up in that iPod
+Makeup like the worlds going to end!
+Tough Love NYC/ BubbleGumPony♥s pins
+Cupcakes to soften yo hustle stickers (old)
+Cupcake Rossary

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hello Conscience?

-Glenn Authur

Sunday, December 6, 2009

It's Snick @ Nite Snitchessssss!

"God made a master piece outta me, quiet kid with a silent gift... no one wanted to unwrap so instead they dissed"

Dear Mr. Curtiss King,

Without a doubt you've musically amazed every bit of me. About 8ishh months ago you had me feenin for your music, teasin me via twitter &just about 2 months later back in May when i met you for the first time, i was blessed with the humbleness friend in you.... & being a part of your release for "The Storm On Mars" was a blessing on a whole 'nother level... Well, check you out, not letting me down again... All the dedicated signing into Ustream I did just to watch you break down beats &look at your lonely Tupac poster in the back wall lol! You did it again you've zoned me out on some Mars type shit in the past, but I'm excited to say you've got me back in the 90's on a Saturday night chillen with a homemade milkshake on my orange couch.... poppin in my Snick @ Nite straight twilight zonin'
x♥x♥, RissaCupcake

If you got that Curtiss King live "Ok Ok Ok...*head bang" on point, consider yourself truly touched by Curtiss himself... whether it was musically, by his beats... lyrically, by his humble words... you choose but i know I've got my head bang on point by all of the above, + his presence alone has inspired me as someone on that same artist grind just mine has a little cupcake twist and can never level up to the work he puts in day in day out musically... So imma let you test out your own "Ok Ok Ok... *head bang" with your own Snick @ Nite! love it, remember it, embrace it, sang it, Ok Ok Ok... *head bang it how ever you like!!!!

tweet that thang, @CurtissKing

Do Re Mi

"In this world that we in you can lose or you'll win but it's never a draw and as quick as you can make it it's a hater tryna take it... don't be thinkin' life is easy it's hard... ...hip-hop is the way that we cry, ghetto lullabies"--Tena Jones

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Cause Lesa will sweetly put a
#hellokittyBrickToYaFace #BOMF
++Don't let the cuteness full you she goes hard!

tweet that thang, @BrickToYaFace

Friday, December 4, 2009

Mr. @CurtissKing leaking goods....

Curtisssssss King leaking that 3rd single “Ren & Stimpy” ft. Pheo & Ramone Jones from his Snick @ Nite mixtape coming 12-7-09. i told you don't sleep on it! can't wait? ---Get's it in Ren &Stimpy style!

Oh She hit the Bday Girl spot!

i can digs it, i loves it, BIRTHDAY LOVE IN DECEMBER?

Westcoast love/bestfriend hit the spot 1 week later…
+crochet #BOMF mittens **bonus ring
+hello kitty mirror
+hello kitty beads
+headphones necklace
+hello kitty lip balm
+yummy lacey/cheetah bra

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Chaa Ching, Proud of me!

++because during this last attempt to this “final goodbye, i don’t want to be with you, im over it, this isn’t working, ‘break-up’”, i tucked the Lauryn Hill jams away for 7 months straight! i didn’t even break them out dust them off, repeat and replay… she wasn’t needed this time to get me out the “broken heart gutter”… cause i was far from heartbreak and just ready for a good change…. meaning i didn't need a miracle to get me outta bad gut feelings, a tight chest, a knot in my throat, &a aching heart.. My heart was set on "change" &knew what it needed to be happy. No hard feelings, no derogatory extra meaning just I'm Proud of me, I put the Sappy Sally behind me!

"Since I've been softened up,
my soul's been nothing but sweet..."

I've opened up a bit more, soul searchin took place, &my personality has been fully defined... My creations sent me in a solo path to find circles over squares to set goals with me for my 2010, I'm heading into this year clean with experienced hands, my eyes &heart wide open no regrets but lessons well learned so if you haven't noticed I've already let go of 2009 &it's Sappiness...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

handled thickie smalls,

with a love for miss van...
i stay inspired & uplifted can you handle?