Sunday, May 31, 2009

Carson boy puts his foot down in the IE...

Curtiss Curtiss Curtiss King, hahahaha whata show! whata show whata mighty good show! it was our pleasure to set up shop Friday night, the boyfriend and i really appreciate the kindness of having us... I've been meaning to blog this since the am of yesterday cause it was that good! but with my internet down cause of the move and all it's been crazy... what i thought was going to be a failed attempt to vending Friday Night cause of my move and just the bad luck that i had prier to this event with my materials and i had no baked cupcakes actually turned out to be one of THE BEST shows i have EVER EVER set up at... i could not ignore the fact that the environment alone zoned me way way way out! the dim lights with paintings hanging and poetry lines in bathrooms...

Good People, Good Talents, Good Music! La Rock did her thang so sexy shmexy on stage YOU GO GIRL! (shouted me out, sang me "Hello Girls" my favorite) HiiHatts girl was nutts i heard her favorite singer is Modonna you go mama! well they did their thang! &it's humbling kid cam wants his hustle softened on some men wear type shit, MC Mega gave me chills his lyrics were unique he know's how to hype a crowd even speaking of some weird purple zebra infatuations being the small guy stating he's a beast like Noa.. and Curtiss King, whooooa he blew me overboard with his performances cause they were beyond amazing... Will Smith in the house hahahaha him and la rock killed it preforming together and the poetry intro by DANA LOVE knotted my throat...

So i felt so loved the fact that my cupcakes were swaying on necks on stage... to be specific CURTISS KING &LA ROCK! Words can't even explain that feeling, friends genuinely wearing my jewels... Noa james recognizing real... My cousin tagging along.. mine &La Rock's 10 minute photoshoot! HKL HLK... shuuutte, whatever Harbor love in the building... Lala roaming the building without even saying anything! Barely Broke Intellects being present supporting locals.. Being able to be in a room fulla of love... IE love... TO THE FULLEST! Collabs spoken of, and definitely inspired by local artist, ending with a quick sheriff "The Storm on Mars" hustle.. was a night to remember...

"My mom is going around talking about how her hustle is soften. lol. So thank you for those kind words because my fam and gf had nothing but good stuff to say about you and your boyfriend."
-Curtiss King you soften my soul

Glamorous Living Kids
Curtiss King &I
Barely Broke Intellects rolling deep
MC Mega
MC Mega's artwork on hats
Hello Business boys!
over due for new photos... (; we hurt chris' camera arm!
baby &I
Kid Cam
Kid Cam &Corn
Curtiss &La Rock "BADDEST"
Cupcake Swayin' Pt. 1 &GLK Hat
let the intro touch your soul, DANA LOVE
Cupcake Swayin' Pt. 2
Lala la la la la love her.
HLK HKL Unite for the first time, twitter homies
His Mars.

some missing/ some missed.

hello pretty thangs

Look what i can do!!!! put (2) earrangs together and make 1! thank you baby for buying these for me today!! for the feathers 2 pairs different colors… i like my gauges for this exact tiny wardrobe project.

Hoops- forever 21, $3.80

Feathers- hole-in-wall ? $2.99

these are tiny substitutes for my doorknockers I'm still waiting for from girlprops.. don't get it twisted i did not abandon gold chunky doorknockers i just can't find! );

Oh Boy, snapbacks!!!

baby makin hats, oh lord he's on his come up game... &I'm way proud of him!
Coming Soon!

be back...

been moving no internet until thursdayishhhh...
p.s i miss you bloggers &friends so bad, real bad

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I hate to say but.... May or may not supply

I hate you gold leafing! so much for "so good under pressure" how bout so bad before a show! A lot on my mind... It's 5am now and I'm re-baking and pissed!!!!! Got a hold of my love.... Finally! Knocking out... Pissed at crafts!

**I might have to write that sorry letter after all...

Way way Golden Love

well spent with him, hours+ in the 7th street swapmeet killing time waiting for his GLK snap backs! might i admit are the sexiest shit's ever! wait and seeee sooon! Suppose to be crafting or packing but instead roaming each jewelry section... looking at gold rings and doorknockers... Explaining our ideal wedding rings, not on some Spencer and Heidi type shit, so don't worry lol... just imaging, fantasy wedding settings cute little fun and mind games what if's type thoughts... Oh yea, agreed to ghetto fabulous wedding bands three fingers in the game... lookin at $531 gold plated Doorknockers, thinkin of the flip side to 531 pairs of Doorknockers, cause Santee Alley, Downtown La be hookin it up with $1 Earrangs! hahahaha

After our crazy run arounds we took it to the futon LAKERS cuddling type. It don't get no better win/win cause i got my right hand man &my purple and gold... after the game had to pick up some supplies for my jewelry... got some grubs and headed home... ate together and went about our ways hw for my boy &crafting for my night wholllllllleeeee night...

It's 341am and i swore on everything i was going to close my eyes @ 12am and call it quits on crafting, write a sorry letter to curtiss king cause im way way exhausted.. but I've come to realize thru bad pms/ cramps/ no phonecall goodnight/ dry mouf'/ sore body/ aching back... i work under pressure SO GOOD! i knocked out bout 20 cupcakes.. and 13 dilla donuts! all glazed and ready for GOLD chains! a little sad cause im short on rosary supplies cause i've been way busy and LA trip was too outta line for me... i'm dealing with what i have in my crafting chest no biggie "UNDER PRESSURE" brings out the greatness in me... not to mention im the best procrastinator you'll ever meet... but please believe i deliver well!

(photos later)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

so busy-ness we got cards coming...


quick fix of wood circa Jan. 07, don't stop now!
when i first met him i fought with him with who was on a wood steeze first... i guess HE WON! again, my love really stepped up his business card game:
+mines ARE coming soon
+getting ready for beat swapmeet
+in the 1000's for in the 20's holla! it's a boyfriend discount!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

more than a possibilty...

addicted to the jam

Monday, May 25, 2009

way way deceiving


Saturday, May 23, 2009

he truely softens my hustle,


Don't Trip... Yet ladies go hard

I'm sooooo excited to show off what Whitney &the dty girls have been working on for months! Whitney's been given me little inside scoops on what's to come and sending me little graphics &it's so great to FINALLY see it done on the pins &tote bags in real life..

I remember when we first talked about tote bags &exchanging sites for pins for cheap! we both explained how we both were thinking of tote bags how we wanted them.. to be one of a kind unique and special handles and la la la...and it's so great to see her ideas on limited edition totes! You Go girls! &to think this is only the beginning of their international attack! the girls are puttin their master minds to work!

I can not wait to get mine &really help Pauline walk these cali streets with Don't Trip... Yet on our arms!!! & wait!! give credit where it's due Whitney's got a mad cute best friend flossin' them bags!

**Visit them Don't Trip... Yet &read between the lines FAST!!!! cause when you purchase a bag.. you get the "goods" ladies...

Friday, May 22, 2009

Dear Hump,

I want to get over you...
xoxo, Emotional rollercoaster

Beats for breakfast

do bem™ - Suco de Laranja 100% fruta (MPC de torradas) from do bem on Vimeo.

via christianthelion &lesa

--thanks to lesa, holding my night down in the weee hours while she washed her clothes and filling my noggin with the goods to a successful change for him &i.... the ups, the downs, the goods, the bads, cause potential is present! thanks for giving me good sites and good bedtime stories... Your a blessing girl!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wooooo Get Excited!


blow fishy eyes = emotional rollercoaster

Sappy Sally,

when you think your at your happiest and things are great God always flashes things in your face.... whether they're heart breaking or wall building... it never fails something changes within that "HAPPIEST" state to bring you back to your senses... tonight was tough, i realized some things! heard some sadder things and now have to sleep on them...
crying to sleep is the only solution... i need to let loose!

tears will do...
love is tough...

Monday, May 18, 2009

bff- farin!
me- aaron?
bff- farin!
me- farin?
bff- yea farin!
me- F as in frog farin?
bff- yea stupid!
"I'm watching you chola."
--no matter your ethnic background you remind me of a grimey chola!
Last night was perfect start for a summer night
+bbq with my soul massive boys
-/+some missing, some missed
+west coast 1996 summer jams
+when friends reunite &new ones are met
+12am marked Creole kid's birthday
+ 2 bottles of patron/ lemons by pool sides
-working mornings
+I'm a champion to natty ice games
+Smoke smokes
+Louie's family tradition "say something nice bout Creole kid.." (i remember my birthday 2 yrs ago Chris and Louie made me cry by a bon fire)
+night ended so sweet, swimming with boo &Maui mint gum tricks up in cloud 9
(photos later)

anythang to listen to, to paint thangs!

i miss it sooo much it's crazy... i don't know when I'll settle down and ease up on moving and trying to get my jewelry perfect &new ideas to come alive... i look forward to working hard summer days just so come fall and winter i can dedicate myself back to the live art road, I've literally only had 2 live art shows... i just haven't made it priority #1 to get any gigs.. but this one came to me vs. searching for a gig.. So i have one on the 29th i look forward to being at the heart of the I.E painting with my I.E lovies...

"I just noticed when I'm jamming and the song's soo damn good.. i get lost in the sound literally that it takes me like 10+ replays to even get the lyrics down... i don't even know what the song's about sometimes i just know it sounds paint to."

ok, today.. tomorrow.. &yesterday.. nae nae never fails to soften my hustle... i love this girl to pieces it's beeeeen years since i met this chola! lol Hips &thighs request number 5 cause she's got them hips and thighs that breaks necks &it looks like I'm making a collection becuase of you babygirl... send me pictorials and let's craft some grammas and! and! and! painting sooooners &betters!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

ello, _________ boy says

"Name-droppin in places that will corrupt virgin eyes." -SALVAGE

Friday, May 15, 2009

ello schmello

i need more Santee Alley $1 door knockersPhotobucket