Monday, May 18, 2009

ok, today.. tomorrow.. &yesterday.. nae nae never fails to soften my hustle... i love this girl to pieces it's beeeeen years since i met this chola! lol Hips &thighs request number 5 cause she's got them hips and thighs that breaks necks &it looks like I'm making a collection becuase of you babygirl... send me pictorials and let's craft some grammas and! and! and! painting sooooners &betters!


parle nae said...

aaaaah, i got mad love for you boo!! i need to road trip real quick to get in where i fit right with my tight jeans type. mamma thickness..i'll send some ideas your way pronto.

rissapeace, said...

tight tighties and thick thighs unite summertimes!

parle nae said...

new ideas i told you soooo, from Fafi herself.. earrings gusapo muy gwapo.