Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

10am Sometimes,

I think as a girl with sapp running in her veins, she rather settle for a couple good minutes of sweet talks and good conversation, than a 24.7 constant courtesy text, sometimes. Dont get me wrong she la la la love every text message and the sweet"nothings" just sometimes a text can't take the place of your voice... "that's what she said"

it's 10am &she misses your voice.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

More than just a silly crush.....

"I... Wonder if you even notice me"

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Cupcake me. Bite me. Sweetly, like a vampire baby...

Friday, February 12, 2010

"i love your teddybear qualities."

Officially a Don't Trip..Yet girl...

"I'm excited much to be apart of a collective of some of the finest, baddest, yet sweetest ladies."
"hello kitty snuggie, on that vampire schedule, nails fairly did with my un-matching socks, procrastinating yet crafting til the sun comes up, cupcake, and tea at hand... blogging.."

(read more Dont Trip..Yet)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

"He who is humble is confident and wise. He who brags is insecure and lacking."@deeeelasoul

"the beauty of her, a blind man can see..."

Hmmmm the first time i heard about Kendrick Lamar his music had that " fine boy walking down the street double take, neck breakin effect" instant replay x a bunch! i was on my way to... #CommonGround IE bound back seat with my girl Danielle, Curtiss King was blasting it doing his little head knock... like Kendrick Lamar was the hottest on the streets usually when i hear something really good i hardly even take that extra step in asking who is that? and i just go with the flow... but i made sure i knew who i was listening too... that night we musta played "I Do this" like 6 times being that we were about 30 minutes away with a couple gas station pit stops haha.... oh the lyrics were a huge part of the night...

...dopest anthem for any misunderstanding
"the definition what cool is... boy i thought you know this, biiiitch i dooo dis"

3am tweet that night to @CurtisKing, got that link, downloaded that EP, and blessed my sweet little iPod with some greatness...

"...the beauty of her, a blind man can see a true queen &she needs me..."

download that thang
tweet that thang

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Urban mix, with a cup a tea.

leave it up to a breakup jam to put me in the mood...

irrelevant much, but lisa shaw has one of the illest break-up jams..!

"Inside of us, feels but we trust nobody
You know it's time for us to go our separate ways"

10am Baking for your Vday Edition

Baking surprises #much, hoping delivery is 1 day early so i can have goodies to personally deliver this 14th... Over the pass few months my very own cupcake sales have taken it's peak making living comfortable, better jewelry finds, stylin edible baked goods, and gifts were made possible for my loves. I will not front my paypal stays building but my bank account right now is -$14 it cost to be sweet? naaaa this is all due to delay bank transfers but all is well im humble between the lines... well aside from $ and bank accounts i have a few sweet vday gifts bakin in the oven right now... favorite brands baking, personal delivery coming your way soon shipping $FREE.99 i gotchu baby.

**sorry boo thang, i slept beyond the hour of 4am if im not on dot like im NEVER may this blog make up for my "happy 10am" text.... ;n*

#VAMPIRE or cupcake!

Bleh, im pretty much known for the late night #sapp but tonight i'm better off blogging... basically i miss someone sweet. I learned that this pass weekend the boothang baked 50 Cupcakes for his superbowl shindig... It's lowkey the sexiest shit ever, hahaha I guess i just been thinking of the next baking session with him what it will consist of... cause soon we will bake together again, and so eliminating flavors and cupcake types this was the pick i plan on making these bad boys with Tayy... instead of vanilla cupcakes we will try out these infamous "cinnamon/caramel cupcakes" i guess with something vampire always on my mind, a constant text message flood and with my new love for phleshy thangs, hahaha im thinkin of making a
"sweet little cupcake bleed"
cause beyond a bleeding cupcake is well bleeding cupcake.... yes, the girl smiles #much.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Happy Birthday SoulBaby♥

Sweet & 21, with blessings... Ohh geez 21 together... #imsayin leather jackets, cupcakes and bows hangin, tights, and bright nails... we got bar hopin to do cause our cupcakes bring all the boys to the yard....
Birthday Blessings Souuuul baby!
"Life was so much easier when we thought boys had cooties." @deeeelasoul

Saturday, February 6, 2010

all i'm saying is I Spy...

goodwood, goodness.
#mmmmmmmhuh #truedat #onpoint

loves hard and sweet

"my cupcake brings all the boys to the yard"
my cupcake brings my boothang to the yard**

Happy Birthday Chola♥

Birthday girl! 21 and legal baby, but
Whoooo are you b*tch???
Oh she that PurpleLipStiick bish who stays wearin them red lips! pffffft!
Ohhh how i wish i was east coast bound to spend pre bday shopping adventures &bday wishes with you! i know with canceled plans and drunkn Alice in the Wonderland tea parties comin to a Bleh and postponed cause of the snow blizzard! lmao but i wish i was east bound I know you need cupcakes in yo life! Bright purple fluffy frosting with hot pink lip sprinkles and cheetah cupcake papers with yo favorite flavaaa and cherries soaked in vodka! num num nummmms! but may your substituted sushi dinner and saki soften yo hustle I LOVE YOU KAY! more than you can imagine &Edward.

Birthday Blessings boo baby!
with blessings that your year to come is sweet to you,

you better work the shit out them Betsey Johnson 5in heels!
sip a few for me, text a few for me...
photo via vintage vandalizm


"With a love for anything horror, inspired by the the things people are usually scared of Phlesh Klothing has flipped a scary scene into a more bright flamboyant steeze."

boys will be boys, &well vampires will Own the Night!
support &LOVE your locals
tweet that thang
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inspire me sweetly.
inspire me inky.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sade with her amazes....

Butterflies and chills with the sounds she provides, such a blessing to have her back musically.....

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

10am "it's your birthday everyday with me"

Yes, #SAPPY... its been a while since Ive shared a little of this 10am goodness... I've been so busy lately if you can imagine... emails, etsy &papal got the best of me right now. Baking cupcakes in the jewelry and edible forms... but if you were at all wondering where did my 10am Editions wander to...? well wonder no more... i'm still here strong &my boothang is still here yet sweeter than yo average and so supportive like i've never known.... handling me sweetly... a sweet friendship on every level without a ownership is taking "us" places... i dig each and every moment, I dig the 10am hours, i dig the constant text messages, i dig the #random courtesy phone calls, adore the tattoo talks, the crazy MJ Bad Misses, i dig the pound love yous, i even dig the kisses every other Sunday.... Content like i never been so if i was counting? 5ish months on that 24.7 please take notice you can tally mark my butterflies and smiles...

"You make me smile,
make me day,
make me laugh...
i have to say it overwhelms me sometimes
...I wanna give you sunshine"

** I've always loved me some Brienne Moore...