Saturday, February 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Chola♥

Birthday girl! 21 and legal baby, but
Whoooo are you b*tch???
Oh she that PurpleLipStiick bish who stays wearin them red lips! pffffft!
Ohhh how i wish i was east coast bound to spend pre bday shopping adventures &bday wishes with you! i know with canceled plans and drunkn Alice in the Wonderland tea parties comin to a Bleh and postponed cause of the snow blizzard! lmao but i wish i was east bound I know you need cupcakes in yo life! Bright purple fluffy frosting with hot pink lip sprinkles and cheetah cupcake papers with yo favorite flavaaa and cherries soaked in vodka! num num nummmms! but may your substituted sushi dinner and saki soften yo hustle I LOVE YOU KAY! more than you can imagine &Edward.

Birthday Blessings boo baby!
with blessings that your year to come is sweet to you,

you better work the shit out them Betsey Johnson 5in heels!
sip a few for me, text a few for me...
photo via vintage vandalizm

1 comment:

Kay ♥ said...

chola i love you for this<33333

thanks for being there for me when i need you....

one day we will hang *pinky swear*