Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cause my soul is sweet in a Monster way,

Chills setting in after reading Noa James Bio! although i knew probably 75% of it, it's touching w/out a doubt &100x deeper from the mouth of the man himself.. If you recall back in March when his EP dropped i wrote kind words along the lines like ---"I've never in my life met a man with the most street, gangster, hood, you name it... creditability &a huge humble personality, a man that tells stories thru lyrics, can make you cry when he's flowing from the top about his lady and will never bore with the knowledge he can share for days!"--- &you know someone's on their genuine tip when words like that have only increased into a lifelong friendship... Noa, has played a lowkey Father like brother like homie, teacher, mentor, taxi, manager you name it type role... &I'm so humbled to have met such a guy whole tells a even deeper story with his LP drop right now! i know your thinking like you've heard all before "he's been rapping since he was 13!" your thinking "Yea yea gimme something greater &catchy..." well i can tell you this much...

"He enrolled himself into the local community college taking an English class to learn how to write better, he had a lot of stories in his head and he wanted to learn how to tell his stories correctly. The stories of him being in an orphanage to his father being deported back to Haiti to his mother abandoning him and she doing 25 years in prison. To him he lived a life of a champion." -Bio

now if that isn't catchy or much greater, may your heart grow fonder... &may this 1 click away soften your soul &make you sweet like a monster... I've been blessed with bits & pieces but I'm so ready to get my free download on.. i haven't been more ready to hear "Sound of a Monster" get yo' click on.. &open your mind...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

favvvvvvvorite girl whoop whoop!

cause we just got done blasting DAИA LΔ ΓOCK, sisters and i alone in the house driving my hung over cousin crazy with a ijuke box OH IT'S OVER! lol &la rock in my speakers wow your asking for craziness... hahahaha half dressed, wet out the shower hair, & microphone brushes ! bwahahahaha I'm just ready for my new year to come cause the girl's got my recyling old music but that's ok this is love... if you dont know ask somebody!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

fleshy sweet thang,

"cause im the sweetest cupcake evvverrrrrr"
&im down for sharing with the sweetest vamp..

endless smiles ;n)

Monday, September 14, 2009

La La La La Love of my life...

send a prayer up for the love of my life, my gramma strongest sweetest funniest dopest little lady i've ever known... holds the family at the palm of her hands, cooks the yummiest food ever.... and caters like it's no tomorrow... im trying real hard to stay strong and keep faith but reality is things is looking really bad... i know whatever happens is god's will.. so i would never question a thing... but i hope i get to see her open her eyes and look at me.. i miss her much.... i have the best family to keep a girl smiling... coming together is our main thing...

**praying for my gramma, praying for her good health... i lvoe you mary jane...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

applesauce &good boy vibes

cause i been sick for more than 3 days Ughhhhhh! in my Michael Jackson shirt sweatin my fever out... goodnight with the rest of my applesauce and frozen pineapple chunks, cause i like my fruit slushy and my dreams sweet.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

when a grown man feens a cupcake....

it's just sooo sweet to my soul....
Skii Mask On 1st Edition

custom surprise piece for stevie... create with clay for a friend or two... (;
"@StevieCrooks My Rosary selection/ is crosses mask and weapons/"
rasta hand beaded rosary, red cupcake for the boy
Cornbread maskonmuthafucccka movement.
Curtiss King rocking it well x2