Monday, June 30, 2008

Kray♥la love,

Dropping the new designs july 17!

Ladies Keep your eyes wide open,

feed your ears sweetly

to go box your love, let michael seduce you,
have t.v dinners tonight! if your know what i mean!
eat it wisely save some for later...

ew justins on, Crack!

juuhhhstin, my son!
like a childhood friend we got history son!
he's passing school, throwing up on walls, loving his steph..
we share love stories &troubles
Calling all asian bus drivers pls?
He loves Asian Bus Drivers,

Daily dose meet Readers, Readers, Daily dose *shakes

ok, so on the RIGHT
if your wondering...

Meet moni q, also known as monifresh,
newly found name monistank she's my little big bad ass sister!
my tall tower, my step stool, my let's eat the world &run if off the next day partner!
there's nothin like her running downstairs to get me a cup of iced sweet tea!
she's my runner! hahaha but definately my daily dose sorda need that little beezy,
fights smart ass mouth or whatever wrestles
ever wanna laugh till you pee? "you better call on tyronnnnne"

Meet christian, shit where do i start?
he's my lover boy, sweet &low, little nigga, secret lover..
someone who eats my food, poops my food
play GTA all day vs. playing with my hair
sleeps every second he can! hahahaha he compliments me well?
haaha i love this kid with all i got, he's my last goodnight &my first goodmorning
my pillow to cry in, my ride to sushi!
ok all in all meet my sweet love,
he swept me of my feet, NOT!
the reason i smile keep going keep painting keep running keep writing &keep singing in showers!

Meet my lady love
LEILANIE, sistah love, my let's talk shit til she cry love
High Key sistahhhh..
she will be the most legit person you meet
tell it how it is person you meet
finally meet yo match person!
hmmmmmm Hoodrats entertain us!
we get low &flooded baby...
watch t.v in the dark under soft sheets &in backseats
She dusts me off when im down.. lol
she helps me sleep peacefully in so many ways...


inspriation at it's best..
independence, woman respect, current affairs update'chuu

**she'd hate to be the one to tell you your not pacific islander, chicken adobo doesn't fly!

Meet Feesh Pie, sistah love, High Key Sistahhh
deep friends who boyfriend's deep sleep,
uggggggggghh she keeps me loaded with the latest jams
she's my Dj in such a small package!
aim dates, for certain updates
we literally cry like babies to eachother
we lack on BC,
we relate in almost everyway,
Hoodrats entertain us too! hahahaha
we make'em say "Awwwwwwwwwwwww Na Na Na Naaaaawww"

Sunday, June 29, 2008

online canvas,

i think i will let this blog be my online canvas board,
i will type like i paint,
i will press ever so gently on the keyboard as if i was holding a fine brush
i will edit myself like i dilute thick paint
i want this to be..
a place for you to learn me,
a place i will express in every way possible
pictures, music, art pieces, lyrics, feelings in my writtings you name it!
a place where we can learn together,
i wanna put my 7 hour wikipedia browsing to actual use
share some of my youtube &ffffound findings (;
i'll try &make you laugh...
i'll try &make you cry...
i will try to avoid abandoning you...

until a later post, (;

**deep breath

happy birthday,

blog, &corn
Don't sleep on it..