Thursday, July 31, 2008

sharing is caring,

thank leilanie/sister love,

enjoy downloadables..
devil's pie tribute mixes
bilal-you're all i need
***lisa shaw-grown apart
joi-i love you forever right now
kid cudi mixtape

ffffound passive excessive,

tune into distant earthquake
coming soon:
'noise just happens' cassette only ep

new addiction, new indie songs mean better bedtime lullaby's (; will sleep well tonight..


knowledge wit style,

Need i say more? NUFF SAID.

Suite 62

late nights
&Direct Tv live
channel 843,
HOLLA! let's make love...
let's listen to the greatest jams, so if it sounds good &scratchy at once you know wassup, just keep cupcaking me baby &dont mind my 1992 tv box (;

ok alll day i can't stress how much
i thought about this cupcake brown grind, clara &i are going to kill'em softly (; i can't wait dream times, hit come true times with favorite people kines..

I reunited with an old best friend yesterday, "quite" refreshing i must say.. i never knew i missed her in such ways.. her scent brought back memories, literally putting eyeliner on at the same time took me back to summer days after graduation nuttts, her hair was super bomb, we talked about everything possible, we share similar CURRENT PROBLEM, so it's mad helpful, we busted half nighters, hahaha slept on my bed together.. old days, it's known by every friend of mine my bed's bomb! it's one of those beds you wanna nap on forever &a day.. NO HOMO (;

ok, Leilanie i need that biz markie lullaby again, it got deleted off my computer &my ipod sync'd my shit &now im pissed.. "booom tttthh boooom booom tttthhhh thhh I want to be.." cause i completely lost all that music you gave me.. my seducing Michael Jackson jam &all that good stuff let's have another aim exchange music file date... anyone can join Aim- rissaspeeaces..

So fellow reader, let's fresh prince? this shit style.. since Steve Urkel came out the cave &is taking over the fresh marathon time,

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

on the cupcake brown brainstorn grind,


&this my friend is such a bomb book,
you can not have a library without Hand Job...
i would share, but i mean GET YOUR OWN!

cupcake of the week, wk2

Doughnuts and Coffee Cupcakes,

summer projects,

jewelry bowls, 100% homemade/ $10
I'm making more this is my first attemp, (;

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Opps, i typed Dj Soymilk

hahhaa i was writting a message to Shake The Hand LA!!! aaron,
&accidentally type Dj Soymilk &caught myself right before i sent &made myself look like a fool
you have to admit not too bad of a disk jockey table name to go by.. holla!

sorry dj sour milk,you almost had a new name..

"Do you do da dancing?"

-click &visit

on a soy milk subject,
let's make a starbucks run together
green tea latte w/soymilk &melon mmmm..

glass of orange jews,

lmao, you can laugh every time you look at this..

Saturday, July 26, 2008

i dont even have $7 to spare

i want to soooo bad, i wanna write on walls! im outta supplies!

Friday, July 25, 2008

rissapeace rug!

Someone get me one that say's rissapeace, Please!!!! :(
John Pour you awesome man you!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Meet Gina,

She's soo FLY! Okok let me say last night was one of the most inspiring nights i've ever had, from the location to some of the dopest disk jockeys and local free style artist.. First "Artism", I met a good handful of new people &saw a good handful of missed people. Ok so back to this Gspot Gina girl, for first time meetings i did not expect her to let me get down on her canvas, Wow the feeling when you meet genuine heads yo! "creative people have to stick together" Ok beyond her dope paintings.. Girl had the dopest record jewelry bowls, $5 a pop! Use it for whatever, chips, popcorn!! "Can i eat cereal out this?" -Noa James.. so damn buy one &try it.. So check it, for the first time ever i semi live painted hahahaha the side of her canvas... i dropped some angels with wings &BSL loven... all in all i can't wait to collab with this Lady, she gives off such peace energy... Blessed to meet such people... so i almost threw my shitty camera away! OMG! so pissed so pissed so pissed! i was taking pictures cause mamaCAT asked me to shoot a couple so i was like of course it's ALL love when i shoot for Building Blocks, but lately man ive been fighting my camera to make it work the way i want it to, it's a mad hassle to keep up with technology &great shots with such shitty camera equipment! i mean damn, YOU DONT KNOW MY HUSTLE! hahahaha

My very first Artism, (;

Gina gspot, SOLD/ mamaCAT took her home,

noa, corn, seis

mamaCAT get's down,


semi first live painting, give thanks mama gina (;


microphone host man,

Never a fan of shady-ness

Ever feel like you aint got time for shady folks, closed minded, cold hearted, strong minded, type-a folks? Defensive at almost every word you share, &every compliment you give... the kinda people that make it far for their intelligence but yet, don't make it that far from another perspective? I think playing this defensive part can make them sooooo many enemies because their way of talk &strong minded not so friendly ways... on the other hand so I'm not quite contradicting myself I believe I'm strong minded, say some real shit make you wanna cry type shit... but I'm mad friendly with EVERYONE!!!! considering i don't click well with the female species first things first we start as friends NO MATTER WHAT &the more i learn you the more or less we become friends.. if you rub me the wrong way baby, imma rub you a little rough too, but that's not being cold hearted off the back you gotta give chances...

Monday, July 21, 2008

$1, 7th &Alameda

Just Announced! Sebastian Tellier Live Performance

Dunk Tank
Giant Inflatable Slip-n-Slides
Moon Bounce
Live Viva Radio DJ Sets All Day
Nightime Party Set by DJ Them Jeans
Photos by the Cobrasnake
Snow Cone
American Apparel Merchandise as low as $1
Custom-shoe booth brought to you by Tom's Shoes
Happy-Fi Records Mish Mash
Including Mexico's own Quiero Club
California Select, Vintage & More
Family Bookstore Reading Tent
Cinefamily Movie Screening Room
Squirt Guns

Spin Art
Dozens of Surprises
Thousands of Deals
Alcohol for Adults
Juice for Kids
Arts and Crafts

Once a year, we at American Apparel gather all the clothes in our factory to create a giant pile for you to dig through. Discounts and fun abound! Don't believe us? Last year, 4,000 people showed up to go through (and take home!) almost 200,000 garments.

Here's the rundown:

It's not just our clothes. This year we're planning on DJs, abundant food and drink, a slip n' slide, and screen printing. The fine folks at Cinefamily will be joining us to show hand-picked obscure films, and they're bringing Family Bookstore. And that's just the beginning. We'll be selling our wares (and our friends' wares) 'til the sun goes down.

After sunset, live music, special guest performers and a raving mad dance party take over.

So, pile your friends into the car, and show up early to beat the rush.

Stay late to shake your butts! Carpooling is strongly encouraged, both for the sake of the environment and because parking is limited!

Stay tuned to www. americanapparel. net/fleamarket for additional details.

Saliva throw-ups,

ahahahaha sorda low on supplies, sorda dont have any..
so saliva throw-ups on dusty walls
yea, i caught myself licking three fingers
for a three letter BSL♥ throw up,
eeww gross i know.. call it whatchu want..
but i make it do whadddit do baby
feed the crack addict.... (;

holla let's be lovers..
let's mix solid markers
&let's paint the city!

get me streakers );

Friday, July 18, 2008

question of the day,

is flushing your pet fish a bad thing?

....because i am so tempted at the moment.

i have the best myspace friends ever... random at her best jasmine be!
soon enough we'll collaborate

Perfect Polaroid PoGo!

Oh la la my new wishing wanting waiting..
im actually really bad at delivering pictures to people, wheher i take them on the phone or with my camera.. that's one thing i HAVE to work on, train myself hahahaa but until then, maybe i'll carry around a hand held pocket size mobile printer HOLLA! this is dope.. so if you ever wanna complain like "Augh! you take forever to give me my pictures!!!! Where are my pictures? Can you send them all?" stop complaining &get me this.. it's only $149.99 and we can solve all problems on spot i take, i print, &nobody's irritated! (; Buy Now! &let's talk about my address next.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Car Accident,

&so "happy" birthday to my father?

umm today actually has been pretty rough!
Wow, so a couple of my cousins got into a realllly bad car accident this morning at like 7am
coming home from pulling a all-nighter... driver(dee) dozed off for a split second when she lost complete control of the car, at that point they had drove off into a 8-10ft ditch flipped a couple times & ashy got ejected out the rear window.. trapped in the car was dee &chels &that's when black outs/unconsciousness took it's toll &the worst thing was the three of them were all at three different hospitals.. due to different trauma levels. with a mad house trynna figure where they were at &their current health status pretty much was intense.. all in all we pulled together, came to an ease, took deep breathes &put stress behind, split up in three different cities in the Inland Empire... and made our moves! crazy, dee, chels &ashy..

**click names
+is home
+wore her seatbelt!
-sore as hell
-bruises and minor cuts
+ ate carne asada fries

+she's home too
+wore her seat belt
-minor scrapes and bruises
-airbag took it's toll
-swollen face, &ready to get jiggy widddit!

-no seat belt
-not home, (has to stay for atleast a 7 day week)
-ruptured liver
-back &neck pain (problems)
+no signs of being paralyzed (moves her limbs)
-internal bleeding in her stomach
-lost a few front teeth

i NEED alll your deepest prayers to go into this...
they are so fortunate, so many things could have been worst
god throws things at us as individuals to wake up
&as a family to pull together stay strong &pray as one...
and i think we're attacking this really well...

Chels say's fat moves are daaa bombbbbb...
even when you cripple!
but now im sick! :P
Yuck, enjoy patients (;

pull thru mamas &then we can
show'em a little bit of skin

fresh date?

it don't get no better, join me?
carlton needs a trainer,
hahaha forest greeen tights!

business man throw up,

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

grindin' too

cupcake brown
-a new found mission..
a vision i will grind on..
i really have faith in myself..
dedicated i must be..

don't let her steal your man,

she'll treat him like NO other lady has.

she'll never leave him lonely
she needs him to sing to her
she promises to sing to him until he cries,
she'll never hang up on him,
sometimes she whispers sweeter things, things you can never tell him
she'll seduce him with words &emotional vibes
she doesn't kiss &tell, sex &spell, nag or yell
he's always welcomed to write to her just for his late night vents
she'll turn his pain into the best song lyrically
he'll sit back &listen to her she'll take him far away across the sky

Don't let Music steal your man...



Butt Naked Wednesday's,

To do list:
- long hair, a whole new scalp
- breast, ass, calf implants
- do some hoe shit
- butt naked with glitter on &a beeper
- sale yo super deluxe tampons
- tongue kiss a woman

make me feel like I’m ten feet tall,


local happs,

**click &support your local disk jockey..

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

cupcake of the week, wk1

Holla, soften yo hustle..

so imma start this new thing..
everyweek i'll post up a new cupcake hahaha
it'll be like the cupcake of the week
this shit is fly a corn cupcake?
how creative.. i swear art lies in food too
i spent literally hours of the weeeee night on
straight up searching cupcakes, pages &pages
hahaha Get yourself a life... i know
so im sure your all wondering what the hell does,
"CUPCAKES TO SOFTEN YO HUSTLE" mean.. um it varies
depending on you current state..
lol so as some of you do know to be cupcakin

&if you too thug &hustle'n soften that shit with loven...

especially for you,

Get more son!

the traveling glasses,

Holla! meet the McCool's
i swear i love them, meet my fam bamily..
LAPD Spike Lee'd out!
don't try this at home kids (;

Monday, July 14, 2008


Last night,
get a hold of this, last night was dope...
p.s we left at 230am flat tire at 330am &didnt get home til 830am im too tired to type!
i met a dope female emcee... &got promised a couple spots to hang some art/ project pieces @ The Light Galleries in costa mesa for taking a few shots last night..
so imma be in the sweat shop spitting out paint &clay &wood pieces!
the vibe there was amazing.. ive never felt sooo alive!

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