Thursday, July 17, 2008

Car Accident,

&so "happy" birthday to my father?

umm today actually has been pretty rough!
Wow, so a couple of my cousins got into a realllly bad car accident this morning at like 7am
coming home from pulling a all-nighter... driver(dee) dozed off for a split second when she lost complete control of the car, at that point they had drove off into a 8-10ft ditch flipped a couple times & ashy got ejected out the rear window.. trapped in the car was dee &chels &that's when black outs/unconsciousness took it's toll &the worst thing was the three of them were all at three different hospitals.. due to different trauma levels. with a mad house trynna figure where they were at &their current health status pretty much was intense.. all in all we pulled together, came to an ease, took deep breathes &put stress behind, split up in three different cities in the Inland Empire... and made our moves! crazy, dee, chels &ashy..

**click names
+is home
+wore her seatbelt!
-sore as hell
-bruises and minor cuts
+ ate carne asada fries

+she's home too
+wore her seat belt
-minor scrapes and bruises
-airbag took it's toll
-swollen face, &ready to get jiggy widddit!

-no seat belt
-not home, (has to stay for atleast a 7 day week)
-ruptured liver
-back &neck pain (problems)
+no signs of being paralyzed (moves her limbs)
-internal bleeding in her stomach
-lost a few front teeth

i NEED alll your deepest prayers to go into this...
they are so fortunate, so many things could have been worst
god throws things at us as individuals to wake up
&as a family to pull together stay strong &pray as one...
and i think we're attacking this really well...

Chels say's fat moves are daaa bombbbbb...
even when you cripple!
but now im sick! :P
Yuck, enjoy patients (;

pull thru mamas &then we can
show'em a little bit of skin


Justina said...

my prayers are with you and your cousins.
i know what its like to have people close to you be in a serious accident.

stay strong!

leilanie said...

prayers to you and yours sistagirl. God has it all planned out, don't you worry ma