Sunday, November 30, 2008

marissa mccool of cupcakes to soften yo hustle bites picasso's quotes too?

advertising is advertising, whether it's positive or negative. Thank you (;

tick tick tick

i guess I'm still ticking, i mean i see the shit, i inhale the shit, i take the shit &swallow it!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

15 artists + 10 dj's + 10 mc's for 1 cause TONIGHT!

Tonight!!!!!!! support CA♥

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mia hee, mia haa Mia hoo, mia ha ha

Tuesday, November 25, 2008



PINS for my flannel, jeans, boots, mary janes, &totes, anywhere they can pin to, they became my essentials! &a cupcake around my neck for a daily hustle... you can't go wrong, get yours!
-pins -cupcakes

Sunday, November 23, 2008

everyone needs a Lala in their life,

Lala says...
"a cupcake hustler is born
glad you were born hun, bringing your goodness to the world, cupcake style.

your loved.

it's your ONE YEAR get your cupcake on. ox."

1200am on the dot baby! oh she good! lmao thank you mama blessings having such friends who embrace your every moment not just 1 2 or 3...

Saturday, November 22, 2008

i think...

my stomach hurts &i have butterflies cause I'm nervous, cause it's almost my very first 1 year anniversary EVER! &it's with such a true♥ such a special boy, the only one who changed my tradition of lonely valentine's &showed me how special my inner everything is, who appreciated my full in the middleness... who makes my painting of life a little more detailed! the only man i brought home, literally &the one who acts a fool with my foolish family, 1 my parents can count on, &1 who makes my little sisters laugh, a man who i can lay near &feel like i dip my feet in such a better world, my helper to "dream catching" my motivation on top of my very own, the one i fight with &learn in the same night, supporter/one who helps strive in everything I've ever laid my hands or eyes on ... one I've fallen for, one my heart pours out to, the man i cry on, LOVE I've secretly longed for... only god knows how long i can love this man... &only god knows how thankful i am.. he makes life a bit more sweeter, you can never go wrong with a SWEET &LOW.
oh how we've grown,
happy 1 year love, &happy birthday me in 2 hours!
ok 1.. 2.. 3.. CORNY SONG!
but it fits (;

in conclusion for a first love you sure are handsome baby, (;

cupcake ladies, hustle their own cities

Lala hangs me sweetly above some of the finest accomplished ladies... i spy DIMEPIECE yay! a few of my sent off cupcakes made it safe &sound to there destinations (; and i was blogged with love... by some of the baddest ladies! I'm just more proud of myself m
ore than anything cause my cupcakes made their way all the way to New York!!!!!! never did i think that a sweet little pastry like this would bring me to a high....

so with my birthday &mine/Chris' 1year anniversary just a
few hours away, i blog! HAPPY BLOGGER I BE! cause i made my order, from Barnes &Noble it should be coming in real soon, cartoon sessions for my love's 1 year surprise surprise... "YOU ARE MY BOYFRIEND!!!!!!! num nums" lol simple couple does simple things day before.. he took my sisters and i to the park for some mini photoshoot he planned for us (; made me get dressed when i was covered in starch &flour! crazy! after a few wind/hair tough sister love malfunctions , it was a success... "next time we'll shave our heads bald baby!" all in all a blessed afternoon... &Larock got AND loves her stickers! "What a good day..."

Friday, November 21, 2008

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sappy Sally

what made my day is when Chris' dad asked if Chris was serious about me... &Chris genuinely said yes... ); / ;) this was the very first dose of great news for the start of my day apparently "chris is taking my home" lmao yesterday i had a good day with my love... roaming around town making my very "first business transaction" as he called it, I sent cupcakes off to New York &San Jose (; things have been so BLESSED not even because my creative mind is improving &I've learned great ideas can come alive with a little motivation from within but nothing like family support nothing like my dad who works for LAPD hustlin my cupcakes.. &Chris hustlin for me on the daily everywhere he goes... lol oh how it seems so destined to be how well we compliment one another... our stickers have never made us more happy lol well here's a picture of my love driving.. driving me crazy literally (; &a sound Joanna &i been blasting enjoy.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Obama Cakes (;

"i wanna, sti.. sti.. sti..stick you from yo head to ya toes,"
sticker making with a bad back, grumpiness makes her boyfriend snap back, enjoy Obama Cakes i know everyone enjoyed the overwhelming Nov. 4th, stickers make my world go 'round lmao here's a sticker
ode for softening yo hustle with Barack Obama.. just cause i've been making stickers from slap days of random meaningful moments of my life on "Hello my name is.." "priority mail" stickers stuck with paint on my hand, glitter on my clothes, markers everywhere arts &craft style lol it's a hustle within itself, i like to share with average street walkers what's on my mind... "im on this let the world know how i feel FEEN type shit &if you run into it then youve seen type shit, so i write things on walls &post stickers in hopes that you'll feel me everywhere you walk, &every city you pass" i finally been stepping up my slap game &quality.. this ones for you readers.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


wow typos are no good for drunk niggas huh?
Corn: Haha
Corn: Man
Rissa: Que?
Rissa: Man!
Corn: haha
Corn: man
Rissa: eww im not on here to see you laugh!
Rissa: and call me a man!
DEAD SILENCE [**cricket **cricket]
Corn: love
Corn: dont
Corn: open
Corn: til
Corn: 1985
Corn: marty mcFLY
Rissa: lmao,
Corn: lol
Corn: i figured out how to use this
Rissa: your BUZZZZZIN like a bee!

i love you num nums (;

+chowder sessions,
+goodnight christian &my dear blog.
-my back aches
-sharp pain kinda ache,
-&Joanna's the worst masseuse
-&Chris doesn't chill he sleeps
-my dad has one man parties, drink budlights &runs up our gas fireplace?
+C.R.E.A.M, literally cupcake rule everything around me!
+jewelry bowls in yo future
+my mom ORGANIZED my chaos
+sparkly clay
+crafting has good the best of me
-West Tech Medical school is closing down! );
+tomorrow Chris &i have a photography gig (; together we will shoot a somewhat wedding
-my back hurts!
-my back hurts!
+chowder sessions mmmmmmmmmm
+velvet mini bundt cakes lol
+obama cakes in yo future!

that's all folks, mailing goods tomorrow.. &meeting Xotchilt in LA! cupcake support has got me staying very grounded!

Friday, November 14, 2008

thank you julie mama!

we're making the sweetest trade!
today i got goodies in the mail i actually like walking to my mailbox down the street these days, I've been getting sweets...

Bubblegum Pony's send me pins &stickers with street credibility! (;
now i can pin a bag or two with some of that sweet gangster bubblegum pony type love (;
&slap the sticker in my new blackbook Yay!
the minute i saw these i knew i had to get a handful...
so i will be placing a order my little sisters love them too! so to make sure everyone keeps their hands to their own property i will get them their own.

visit her &get your pins in bulk pick your favorites hurry their limited

your cupcakes &stickers will be on their way tomorrow (;


lala's half a dozen cupcakes are taking off to Clarmont tomorrow (;

Bboy Obama, just how i like my boys

"hmmm badunkadunk, i would tap that my friend." Classsssssic..

Thursday, November 13, 2008

if this cupcake fits, eat it

You ever come across those Conniving, 2 faced envious people? I'm huge on giving God my every worry &letting him do work, but respect is one thing "Respect, is just a minimum" Lauryn never speaks to you?? No 4, 5, 6, or 7 years of school on your tab scares me a bit... intelligent arrogance is a downfall. Baby, with those bad vibes through flesh or any internet waves can make a friend or two fade away! No one said you wont get far I'm sure you will, i don't wish anything on you.. but your like rubber in time yo ass is going to snap back where you started, your true colors will shine and in the end you can thank that bitter attitude of yours.

Main thing, side hustle thing, once a month thing, who gives a shit I'm making my name ma through flesh friends or internet friends, I've learned a few wave friends are more genuine then a few flesh "friends" will ever be to me.

Maybe my little, not so many postings are making me come off a little naive, dumb or blind but, i rather speak on it just a few times not let it get tangled in my daily or let it beat me, not on some arrogant shit, but with God, this is my least of worries...

once a friend told me "You aint shit til someones talking shit boutchu" so i mean not only does it gas me up a bit but, it let's me know my light's shining somewhere...

Don't you love how girls talk in code &in the end every action they pull is only obvious their code talk is towards you? Idk maybe watch my actions... maybe this will be more clear for you...

It's amazing to me when I've done nothing but support her movement, her opinion, &her creative mind, &creations, wow I've embraced &contributed in whatever way possible, &in the end she can't open her eyes fully to see the genuine in that or close her mouth fully from the shit she subliminally talks!

See if you know me i flip negative vibes &make them shine positively! (;

contradicting i must say,

you must be soaring my skies too?
there's no need for hovering over prey
there's a four layer stack, enough pieces for everyone,
don't be greedy ms... "I'm just enjoying modern art"
I mean your name wasn't in the book, I didn't think it was yours...
This isn’t war,
— revenge is outta line, karma i’ll never wish upon, yall hate it more when i’m kind; BLESSINGS.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"oh put a cupcake in it!"

Monday, November 10, 2008

Don't Trip Yet and Humble Pies

without a request i was blogged &very loved, with bright ideas thrown in the air, &anonymous comments &emails of cupcake cravings, i was HUMBLED very much... enough to rebuild ANY broken bridge! I love how these things are the key to embracing &gathering my sweetest ladies out there... I've yet to have an order &NOT make a potential lifetime friend (; Don't Trip Yet Ladies Soften My Hustle,

Friday, November 7, 2008

p.s I hatechu PMS

I'm the worst PMS-er i swear, I'm an emotional wreck on EVERY level.. about EVERYthing &to EVERYone! especially those nearest to me lmao... it's weird how it just creeps up on me, catching up on Gossip Girl episodes today makes me cry? my mom punkng my dad as i would Chris makes me get a knot in my throat huh? i miss him lol I learned that maybe 5 hours ago i was going to start because my crankiness scale raised from a good 3 to a 10+ in seconds..

I sat at my kitchen table across from my mom, who was eating rice crackers. The sound was so loud its like her &her crunchiness in the microphone with surround sound! I wanted to scream "THOSE CRACKERS ARE ANNOYING, STOP!!" but already once my mom called out my PMSing today.. way before mother nature decided to stop by &visit, so I took a couple breathes &cracked my neck &knuckles a few times... lol chill pill..

antsy, I'm very antsy! cranky,I'm so tensed up! emotional; I'm sad for no reason I miss Chris! so i killed a good 2 1/2 hours crafting finishing up my cupcakes, listening to music it eases me way too much... when I'm crafting &listening to music I'm no where near earth, seriously I'm floating in clouds i forget everything around me, Free Spirit.. &now that's golden.

it's 1204 i miss him I'm calling him now,
thanks for reading my ramblings I'm a PMS WRECK,
hate me or love me, LOVE ME WHILE I HATE YOU? that'll work
that's how a pms girl rolls (;
lol i always find my favorite to take it out on,

ehhhhhh i need a
-take 5,
-dr. pepper,
-heating pad,
-velvet cake
&a mile run to make the pain &crave go away!


Actually the song's irrelevant, Yes Love...


new stickers coming soon,

still have a few of these... (;


"was a good day.."
he stressed it 1 too many times... but it took on every meaning (;
was it the weather? Obama? good cheeseburgers? movies? Quality time? Starbucks? late night car session Tea?
whatever it was set the "Great" into my "Great Week" with him, considering talking was to be limited &today should have been the actual "Relapse Day"... we made a good choice.

(pictures soon, sharing a camera has pros &cons. In this case today's con.. pictures when i get the baby back!)

blog nerd, i be.

i found a dope blog that keeps me on my toes, (;
Ok, I'm one to get overly excited when i find a fun blog! or cool reads, a good writer, a interesting photographer with a photo blog of some sort, blogs with download-able great music! lol blog nerd! i know... get up on some reads...

&he unconsciously introduced me into a pretty interesting photographer, Sarah Small... to pursue a project like her's is beyond dedication "creeping up 11 years" a Polaroid picture of herself a day since 1997...

Lonely Lakers Man

ok so i leave you with 2 of the coolest finds this afternoon,
1. Leafcutter Designs World's Smallest Postal Service
$8 &her microscopic ink pen goes to work with your personal letter, goes into a tiny envelope with yo address a stamp then, seals it personally, old school candle style... sent off with a miniature magnifying glass, "isn't this the coolet shit ever? The dance i'd dance if i got one of thes in the mail!"

2. Francesca from Brooklyn, tattoo for a day or two, you build it, be her tattooist grab a pen at any time &draw in anything... this is one fly girl with one crazy imagination &gutts... blank polaroid tattoo/friends fill it in...

today's lesson,

"You can't even wait around for those you are the closest too, YOU gotta do YOU for YOU! It's the only way things will work out for YOU." -ello, i often quote myself (;

Thursday, November 6, 2008

sneak peek, Cupcake Photoshoot

i love my boyfriend christian he's the illest, he dedicates his school days to my cupcake photoshoot! (; now that's love. right now I'm working on some pictures &a ad for Kristia &her blogspot for a Christmas spot in her blog (; ladies they're still $10 a cake +3 for shipping... christmas is coming soon, holla fo 10 dolla! Special color request too, Don't be shy!


"who you calling a bitch?"

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes We Can!

download it now...
Dj Sourmilk &Just-N-Credible puts it down,
sounds that give you hope, &a melody full of change!
Los Angeles Leakers get familiar...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

first time voter (;

get's her free starbucks holla, now let's go to ben &jerry's! (;
"thi thi thi this is real &not for play imma vote..."
CNN all day.... anybody scared shitless as I?
Our next 4 years are in the hands of the Electoral votes... /;

Monday, November 3, 2008

venting to Forever 21 &BAKERS,

I'm in love with Mary Jane she is my main thang, (; thank you gramma for the boots! she's the sweetest lady who watches me glance at them twice &buys them in my size!must i menton ive been wanting these since last year fall-ish &i couldn't find my size so i finally got them! but i finally got bahakke(in house, comfy, bedroom) shorts &deep purple tights since joanna's killer toes ripped a whole in my stretchy good ones! Today was an ok day... i like when i can sale my paintings $15 &spend side money for side, useless things like shorts tights &undershirts (;

Sunday, November 2, 2008

today was one of those "another days",
another lesson learned,
another cry i broke,
another fact to consider,
another heart to heal,
another change to grow,
another explanation,
another step back,
another step forward,
another blanket to hold,
another smell to embrace,
another song to sing,
another knot in my throat,
another truth he told,
another "to be real with you!",
another Lauryn Hill back rub,
another respect for self,
another hand i lose,
another thought that hurt,
i just wanna be in another time..
with another feelings
another angels
another faith
another growth
another change
another lesson
another mind frame
another chris, i once knew..
the other guy i fell in love with
the other smile to make my knees weak
the other late nights we'd watch the sun come up
the other vh1 soul cuddles
the other sweet talks
the other random emails
the other strong feelings
the other 1 on 1
the other shares
the other happy cries
the other "US"

day by day we live, today was just "another one of those days"...