Friday, November 7, 2008

p.s I hatechu PMS

I'm the worst PMS-er i swear, I'm an emotional wreck on EVERY level.. about EVERYthing &to EVERYone! especially those nearest to me lmao... it's weird how it just creeps up on me, catching up on Gossip Girl episodes today makes me cry? my mom punkng my dad as i would Chris makes me get a knot in my throat huh? i miss him lol I learned that maybe 5 hours ago i was going to start because my crankiness scale raised from a good 3 to a 10+ in seconds..

I sat at my kitchen table across from my mom, who was eating rice crackers. The sound was so loud its like her &her crunchiness in the microphone with surround sound! I wanted to scream "THOSE CRACKERS ARE ANNOYING, STOP!!" but already once my mom called out my PMSing today.. way before mother nature decided to stop by &visit, so I took a couple breathes &cracked my neck &knuckles a few times... lol chill pill..

antsy, I'm very antsy! cranky,I'm so tensed up! emotional; I'm sad for no reason I miss Chris! so i killed a good 2 1/2 hours crafting finishing up my cupcakes, listening to music it eases me way too much... when I'm crafting &listening to music I'm no where near earth, seriously I'm floating in clouds i forget everything around me, Free Spirit.. &now that's golden.

it's 1204 i miss him I'm calling him now,
thanks for reading my ramblings I'm a PMS WRECK,
hate me or love me, LOVE ME WHILE I HATE YOU? that'll work
that's how a pms girl rolls (;
lol i always find my favorite to take it out on,

ehhhhhh i need a
-take 5,
-dr. pepper,
-heating pad,
-velvet cake
&a mile run to make the pain &crave go away!


Actually the song's irrelevant, Yes Love...

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