Tuesday, September 30, 2008

lmao, the greatest it beats his soul train!

baby, soften my hustle.

rebuilding my collection, dedicated i be...

lmao, the art of hip hop!

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High Key Sistahs &Soul Squishers out to getch'ya


i just need a break.

shitty camera, ooh yea we divorced!

it's not the first time you let me down Canon baby!

oh yea, nothing like you back up hard drive failing on you. );
losing a memory i shot really chips of a piece of my heart,

Friday, September 26, 2008

good morning september 26th,

early bird sings the jams (;

like a kid all over again

-argument with my parents, ehh another one bites the dust
+tears of joy
+cute text messages
+cute phone calls
+/-watched Sex in the City &cried? lol
-Nappy hair, eww straight naps? how?
+clara conversations
+he visit me
+starbucks with him
+played in his car
-chapped lips
-waking up early &it's 220am
+PIFA this weekend in san diego
+Yay, family!!!!!
+lee hee moy** gummy bears
-5am at ski beach! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...
+hahahahahaha my dad's PIFA security
+urban outfitters later (;


Thursday, September 25, 2008

"It's like old times again"

super duper depressing!

my babies don't stick well ); in this case must i carry around a can of adhesive spray to get my shit up? yes, anything for sweet streets!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Creative Juices♥

so last night i could not sleep literally i've been painting &baking for 2 days straight thru the weeeeeee hours of the night &hot hours of the day... last night my little giant sister monique stayed up with me til like 3am cracking jokes &contributing ideas for slaps so here they go her idea mini cupckes slaps! &they were a success! (; Cupcake Buffers a hood near you!

i can't put my paint brush down!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


his sweet tooth retired he couldn't handle my cupcakes!

&Clara's a gay cholo she has to wait for hers! cause she too tired to drive to my house!

&these are for my cupcakes readers (;

1 out of 2 reasons to take a break from bamboos

let Poetic decorate your ears (; write her, order yours!

FEESH gives me Eargasm (;

cheers to our good nights, &happy tears **stomps on Tom!

we love dana la rock

we can't stop talkin bout her on the streets! we can't wait for GoldBOOMS, SilverBANGS!!

Happy 10 Christian, &Happy Birthday Clara!!

&for you my loves, i paint. ummm when life gives you 2 boyfriends treat them equally! ;P today is a special day! (; cupcakes in the morning for Clara &precious budget time with christian. so i was stressin that my pocket shortage would totally bum me out that i couldn't afford this September 23rd considering it was Clara's birthday &mine &chris' 10... everyone knows me by now i like to go all out for birthdays &celebrations for my important loved ones... Ex: Chris &Jorrells Birthday Bboy Bash i put together &held at my house alcohol &food exspeives on me(; aside from that Homemade gifts are much cheaper &mean a whole lot more, besides when hey say time is money &it took me some BRAINSTORMING thinking cause my creative switch was off... lol that cost you!!!! so intense thoughts took me this far.. in this case less is more in the painting and in reality... once again with sprinkles &love on top Happy 10 Christian, &Happy Birthday Clara i love you fags!

**aw chris called 12am on the dot

Monday, September 22, 2008

Beatboxin cupcakes!

i wanna bake with him! listen to my cupcakes beatbox to me...

bump bump bump

my sister's crazy, monique monique lmfao!

Sunday, September 21, 2008


+curling iron played nice today (;
+church was refreshing pastor said "God do yo thang! All is well"
+sometimes when you know you've abandoned God it's hurtful &find yourself crying
+veggie burger to soften my hustle
+/-getting my job back at Bath &Body Works
-forgot to go to the Cultural section at Barnes
+random reads, make me jump in my seat!
+/-hard cupcake had to asked thm to microwave it, i wish it was lighter frosting (too sweet)
-never take home the magazines i read! or books, jobless consequences!
+JUXTAPOZ &JPG story of my life! subscribe for me I'll give you my address!
+FINALLY!! They took JUXTAPOZ out of the plastic! lol it's the little things that matter
+high school bboy pocket size mitchel family reunion at best buy!
+talked to Kool-aid today my sweet hawaiian fav kine love
+talked to tee
+eyeglasses window shopping..

all in all, i had a great weekend! Chris &I spent that time we needed together we chilled, &caught up on our chowder episodes, really guys e watched chowder! lol he took my little sisters to get Starbucks, he picked Monique up from the football game, by the way i got a crazy sister named Monique with a crazy best fiend named Monique NOTE TO SELF: hide spank rock- bump! so yea everything ended well with a nice outtings today after the mini photoshoot last night &the church this morning &the cute conversation i had with my schhhhhhweeetness, um 23rd is so around the corner!

+/-hello goodbye why are you here where you going Aunt Flow? gosh she has her own brain!
+cpck brwn thoughts run my days
+gain two east cupcake love illa baby's been mine but we established a movement that's taken flight, mama MRS(Sole) is already giving the nyc cpck love

states the obvious, "clara loves me! (;"

for the record,

"This is my ello goodbye, im done. um i'm not a fan of awkward silence. 'Hi' isn't too bad unless you make it.."

sneek peek,

attach story; LATER
late night purple wall bedroom mini photoshoot
loook guys the little girl is mee! (;
goodnight? goodmorning? you chose but im closing my eyes now.
"myth buthers" "a bitchy when im itchy"
changed sheets, fresh pillows, fresh prince &channel 843 Suite 62 holla...
this is my Que for sweet dreams.. (;


thankyou mama chow analyze

Saturday, September 20, 2008

"I mean I told her straight up ya know I got a significant other she aint care, she said for tonight i just wanna be your insignificant other ha, what!? Cotttttt Damnnn!" -Dj Shadow

Lei &i doing the thriller Michael Jackson style

fun with myspace Buddypoke, lol geeeez what boredom brings!
holla Leilanie's super cute! it's so her, peep that purple chunk (; lol p.s she's bringing 50's back.... yup! them other girls don't know how to act &she fights with bobbins to bring you dresses visit her, she's creative with the brushes rolling pin &spulls of thread artisically she kills, at least her thriller moves ^ hahaha sistargirl my jiggaboo get to know her, love her, respect her movement &save your chips &wear boy clothes!
sex money sole: we got this shit lock down
sex money sole : throw the key away
sex money sole: we bake them cakes as fast as we can
sex money sole): ;)
Rissaspeeaces: hahahahaha!
Rissaspeeaces: have pattycake roll it pat it &mark it with a CBC

Friday, September 19, 2008


update: december fifteenth, two-thousand eight
hibernate til you hear the music play!
Dana La Rock! &be a sucker for some good reads larockcocaine.blogspot