Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy 10 Christian, &Happy Birthday Clara!!

&for you my loves, i paint. ummm when life gives you 2 boyfriends treat them equally! ;P today is a special day! (; cupcakes in the morning for Clara &precious budget time with christian. so i was stressin that my pocket shortage would totally bum me out that i couldn't afford this September 23rd considering it was Clara's birthday &mine &chris' 10... everyone knows me by now i like to go all out for birthdays &celebrations for my important loved ones... Ex: Chris &Jorrells Birthday Bboy Bash i put together &held at my house alcohol &food exspeives on me(; aside from that Homemade gifts are much cheaper &mean a whole lot more, besides when hey say time is money &it took me some BRAINSTORMING thinking cause my creative switch was off... lol that cost you!!!! so intense thoughts took me this far.. in this case less is more in the painting and in reality... once again with sprinkles &love on top Happy 10 Christian, &Happy Birthday Clara i love you fags!

**aw chris called 12am on the dot


iиk. said...

it looks so yummy i can just east it =X

leilanie said...

mama got down on the color combos... me likey.