Saturday, November 28, 2009

914pm guilty pleasure/ crush boo thang,

Jamming much on my imeem tip, Friday/Saturday feeling like a Sunday... bwahahaha what will Sunday feel like? Who postpones drinking sessions? lol i do! i know my cousins are hating me right now but i gotta admit girltime got me on some weirdness times... im not in the mood for poppin UV bottles, i know strange to say on a holiday Saturday all i wanna do is blog, text my boo thang &jam out, write, and tweet in my snuggie, jot ideas down, and plan out christmas gifts! im handling in my own girl time way...

leave me alone!!!!!!!!!!! ok,

pleading the 5th....
"i gotta i gotta yeaaa... i gotta crush on you, baby im so confused i dont know what to do..."

bloggin bout bloggin

relaxed at home,
beer at hand,
boo thang at text,
hello kitty house shoes at feet...
cozzzy much.

x Mr. 10am makes'em mornings sweeter

i had no idea this was coming my way for my birthday i was so clueless... i was so content with my crewneck &4 pins he gave me this past sunday... but i shoulda known he was up to something all the questions about the mail if i got my mail today and if ups was even delivering yesterday (cause his brother was waiting for a package! my ass!) ... and asking for my address to google map my house? No, he got me goood and asking me what i wanted... im so gullable &beyond blonde! he blew me out of the water with this... the fact that he knew i wanted a snuggie and would die for my very own & that im infatuated with hello kitty Tayy he put in work & ordered one off of my favorite site! him &my little sister moni put in work for about a month... moni almost got her ass beat walkin in the room wearing it out of no where!!!! ok & saying "look what my friend bought me" ok i chased her ass down the hall and almost beat her... i didnt want to believe it it was too cute &too baby pink for her... so she showed me the ups box &it was almost a positive it was hers, her f'in name was on it "Bonquisha McCool" she pulls out the paper in the box and I'm still in denial cause there's no way i can ask for a snuggie for months straight &this be hers, plus her bday is in may F THAT! so i snatch the letter and it's actually the receipt and on it i read "Dante Smith" & my heart melted.... and my entire family watch me cheese supppppeeeeerrrrr huge! i snatch the snuggie off her and just instantly cuddled snug tight style!

+ last night a crushboo melted my heart &the mailman brought me something sweet...
Let's just say it's the sweetest thing everrrrrrr &last night was the best lonely sleep I've ever had!

++got you on my snuggie hype huh? lmao thirsty much? on the hunt much? i know my snuggie she's cute huh?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Im 21 &dancing in my sleep, no LA for me....

--plans went blahzee blah but atleast my nails are cute &and he misses me... stuck with tons of birthday cupcakes, no one to share them with &no ride to my sisters basketball game with pre-pms kickin my ass! Grrrrr it's a mess talkin to a boo thing undressing from the boots to the house shoes and ash gray tights staying warm in my pk &snuggie gifts! while i got time to think... On a lighter productive note Im looking forward to my new cupcake jewelry trade with a new friend for new a cut, style, &dye! plus i look forward to handling DYI christmas gifts... jotting down and sketching ideas tonight.... "owning my night..."

FML: im legal for some dranky dranks &i lost my I.D!!!!!!!!!!!!

10am Snuggie Edition,

ello 12am
cheetah snuggie
@PhleshKlothing crewneck
+ hello kitty house shoes
= **bleeding

--thank you much phatz, a best friends bday gift resulting in a sweet late night bday snuggle, lonely shot?, 10+ Bday wishes, 1 birthday song sang....

nov232009 was sweet to me....

21st birthday bang with lotsa birthday love &goods.
Thank you much for the bday loven. Thank you for such a memorable Sunday night, So blessed with the friends i have grown closer to in the last year... circles over squares! who woulda thought turning 21 woulda been like a 2year old dressup bday party: bow thangs, hello kitty, lipstick, cupcakes, nail polish, &big girl earrings!

Friday, November 20, 2009


over &out!

**inspiring much

Catholic Tights

wedding times calls for dress up times,
cause forever21 that's my girl she never let's me down
$5.80 on the tights! multiply by two...
i got pants! for 2 days of my week! LOVES IT!
time to step my heel game up.

Bathroom Break Yo Ass!

--cause yousa boo thang hey i like this sharing thang.

its 1147 but guess what....

i like your teddybear qualities!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

10am Boo Doggie Edition

Sleeping early with no Boo Doggie or snuggie, what a stressful, lonely, cold night... waking to strawberry pancakes and daily coffee num num numm... At the end of the day...
"Life is sweeter than strawberry syrup &boston terrier cupcake love."

Monday, November 16, 2009

#BOMF, it's my birthday 7day countdown!

impatient much, but i likes & i loves! Ok so tell me why she took my necklace i gave her apart to put on a handbag she made me!? hahahaha Indian giver on her behalf? hahahaha my birthday wouldn't have been the same without her.... it's truly a blessing to have my girl back!


back with a mean birthday grind,

notice the black &white... "jailbird, #BOMF, &cupcakes!" YES, WE GO HARD!

(@iStayBrandeD tweet that thing)

10am 225 Pillow Talkin Edition,

"im feelin you, i wanna get to know you so
lets have pillow talk"

cause i can pillow talk all night long...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

10am Sushi Date? Edition,

Num Num numm, no wasabi passing?

i guess this is the only way to get sushi past a few picky regular people. ;n)

Friday, November 13, 2009

"i wanna go far away across the sky, paradise yea i wanna go &hide" -danalarock

Oh she's BAD!

boy: how bad?
girl: Michael Jackson BAD!


**notice the #BOMF x2, she's rockin the the collar right too... OMG looks like a few DYI projects at hand...

*tear *tear


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ok! Ok! Okkkkkk........!

Tease'n your taste buds with something so sweeeeeet from yours truly Curtissssssssssss... Aww Curtiss King’s first single drop from Snick at Nite Mixtape Gutta Gullah Island download it here!

Dana La Contact!

"Let a little lady with culture, knowledge, a love for music, and artsy thangs blow your mind!"

«« W O R D P R E S S »»
«« T U M B L Γ »»
«« F A C Σ B O Φ K »»
«« T W I T T E R »»

**the year is winding down she lowkey promised new sounds come 2010, so i wait...

10am puzzle pieces

Fantastic feelings together with my #BOMF bleeding

dwntwn LA calls for a make over,

--i knew a year ago in the alley i shoulda snatched up &renovated the tshirt!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

10am Day of the Dead,

Deprived much of good sleep at night, knocking out on the phone is sooo unlikely of me... when i wake to that same call that's unlikely of "the". Summing it all up to a long... "Day of the Dead" ahead.. Although a sweet day awaits me today... lowkey, i jump up outta bed like a zombie....

"communication with my soul"
cupcakes braids sweetie "horchata" thangs roses and bow ties

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

10am Morning Cuteness

Making 225's not so lonely...

Monday, November 9, 2009



10am Bleeding Edition,

art by Miss Van
4 mornings deep, &notices is taken... I likes, I don't cares, &I continues... I stay happy and I stay smiling, hence... I stay bleeding... a.m random rants cause last night was bittersweet i called it in for the night with 2 open opportunities passed on by eh, i somewhat missed birthday festivities with a sweetie thang &circles friends.. but it only grow us fonder right? it only makes the next Sunday worth it's while lol horrible NOT! i spent the entire night soaked up in sweet exchanged textsersations, Surprise! **i stay bleeding...

trial & error worry no more babygirl,

"...decide...whether or not the goal is worth the risks involved. If it is, stop worrying...." -amelia earhart

because her mistake was beyond her style, a great lesson learned by the bulk... i pray harder as the time winds down and gets closer... in hopes the case closes sweet... &later today i can look forward to a phone call telling me my girl is out &about.... because her beauty and intentions in life are deeper than the cops seen.... 23days ago we all learned a great lesson... risky yet humbling, a lot has happened a lot has also changed some good some bad but all in all we held faith every court date! so yet another day, another wait... i miss my girl, i miss my inspirations and juices flowing! But, i wait...

Sunday, November 8, 2009

i like your style,

(via KayKay)

Auto-play n' Repeat

10am Sweet Sunday Sleep-ins Edition

I knew my shower in the weee hours this morning was well worth it 225! I'm not so much a WEIRDO, after all i smelt like smoke &it warmed my body up... Goodmorning waking in my MJ "Badd" tee yet the best shirt to sleep in bra-less (overshare) 225! & my snuggie feels so bomb & super smooth 225! I lowkey want a lazy Sunday, a sleep-in type deal where i get yumyum hello kitty breakfast in bed &able to knock back out and dream on
Surprise! i don't need sleep to think sweet...
but my daily indulge in bows &225's helps me get thru my days and nightmares. Hello kitty breakfast would be the cutsest tiny Ode to the freaking Three Apple Exhibition i happen to be missing out on... &i most likely wont make ends meet before Nov. 15th so until then hello kitty floats in my Sunday 225 dreams// sweeter than you evaaa had!

Ghetto boy goodbye,

(i like your Ghetto boy goodbye, super lowkey)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hustle Me Sweetly,

mamma sole does it again keeping me inspired near the holidays... keeping my hustle strong and sharing her creative juiciness...

10am Inspire me Edition

Surprise! frosting &painting inspirations float my mind.. cause my birthday is near & if your feeling like bonding let's bake a cute cake together and celebrate on some sweet shit, +plus Christmas is near &paintings is on my grind.. i stay within the creating lines for gifts for the loved ones... sweet cakes and vampire paintings got me feenin... Good Morning it's Random 10oclocks
don't mind me.

Friday, November 6, 2009

10am Favorite Thangs Edition,

Cause i wake up smiling early 9oclockishh every morning rise n shine, Oh la la so last night's speaking of favorites i was thinking a 10am surprise morning blog date with myself, where i come here and blog surprising entries you prob wont ever understand but its a vent out of random goodness... cause it's cold outside slip yo favorite movie in, cuddle me sweetly cheetah snuggie style. #wordcheckyououtplayboy num grab your horchata drank, a lemon cream cheese cupcakes & call it a 10am surprise!
ello playboy,

Ghetto Fabulous Good Morning,

Pre-surprise 716am
it's 50 degrees &i loves it outside my front door the chilled rocks going threw my house shoe standing still with a cute little prayer (without an ounce of sleep) snuggle me sweetly, watch the sun rise, let the fog set.... "because you can't properly start off your day without saying at least 5 baby jesus"


adorable is ♥ adorable does

**the only way you can sneak a cat near me, or that it would even be relevant to my life... &if it aint "CAT" soles parrot then step the eff back!