Saturday, November 28, 2009

914pm guilty pleasure/ crush boo thang,

Jamming much on my imeem tip, Friday/Saturday feeling like a Sunday... bwahahaha what will Sunday feel like? Who postpones drinking sessions? lol i do! i know my cousins are hating me right now but i gotta admit girltime got me on some weirdness times... im not in the mood for poppin UV bottles, i know strange to say on a holiday Saturday all i wanna do is blog, text my boo thang &jam out, write, and tweet in my snuggie, jot ideas down, and plan out christmas gifts! im handling in my own girl time way...

leave me alone!!!!!!!!!!! ok,

pleading the 5th....
"i gotta i gotta yeaaa... i gotta crush on you, baby im so confused i dont know what to do..."

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