Tuesday, December 30, 2008

best come back....EVER

"that's why yo head is big, you fulla weak sauce! I don't care what you say shiiiii--- SHUT UP!"-La Rock

thank you lovely followers...

i NEVER ever stress, for people to follow me... i mean if I'm not your cup of tea why bother... but to leave with 20 &come back with 34 wow! Even those frequent readers that aren't following i appreciate your drive-by reads (; humbled much! thank much for letting "CUPCAKES SOFTEN YO HUSTLE," i promise more reads in the next week or so... more cupcakes to share... &more ideas to vote on... lately I've been on the holiday shipping grind &custom little clay goods it's finally spiraling to the end of the holiday's with the exception the the New Years Party... i just got home 2 days ago... considering it's been a blessed yet miserable holiday with my ears throbbing in pain, ER visits &a lovely ride up the hill where the the elevation made my ears pop x10000000 but Christmas &the Eve of it was very successful i got the best of both worlds both sides of the family, boyfriend, &much needed gifts!

Monday, December 29, 2008

ello, im back!

amoxicillin does me absolutely NO GOOD!
natural ear drops, cotton balls, 800mg Motrin nothing works, I'm hurting! AUGH! shoot me. ); going on 2 weeks now....

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

"......Hell yeah babe."

sometimes we shhweet talk too, sap sap sap..
"1 year down but... who's counting? forever doesn't end!"


love love love...

he said "Sky's the limit"
so in the meantime,
we're reaching for the stars,
we'll be together.
So, "IF YOU NEED ME I'LL BE IN SPACE" with Glamorous Living Kids
Yay, the man himself says... stickers &apparel coming soon!

"What Bitch?"

Don't Trip.. Yet Ladies bring you a Multi cultured mixtape!

Don't Trip.. Yet Ladies give you theBLIZZARD, for your BLIZZARD!!!!
-Reggaeton for the fly Latin mamas,
-90's jams for freshest prince(sses) whether your in Bel air or not,
-roots rock reggae
-west coast jams, east coast raps

DON'T TRIP...YET or even try... "IT IS FOR YOU!" free easy stocking stuffers! 44:31 fulla jams DTY Ladies put together for you! some classics oldies that had ya booty shaking back in the day!

&as for me i will be press play as i craft, wrap &bake gifts less stress, I can only take so much of Babyface's Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer... these are my Pimp my jams! theBLIZZARD Don't waste time get it now &let Yummie know whatchu think!

Monday, December 22, 2008

today's rocky road

i need to find my strength all over again..
dependent isn't the way to be,
hard choices should be made &
massive amounts of prayers should be prayed..
i hope differences can be put aside within my home &soul
Therefore Christmas can be full of joy like it's promised...

i just want to spend Christmas with my love(d ones)....
this will be our first Christmas i hope by the 24th midday things are smoother than right now..

&i can spend a night with those i hold closer to my heart than anything in the world!

***no one said that this life would be easy...

Sunday, December 21, 2008

christmas productions...

1 time personal charms! for all time favorite people!

fat eyes, nap waves, funk face!

RIGHT NOW: Massive Christmas cupcake/jewelry trays productions
with green tea &honey.. medicine &oreos.. Robitisson &Motrin!

personalize your paper mashe` jewelry trays/bowls for only $10 flat!

me: i need to pop more pills..
Chris: babe! gosh! don't say those kinda things
me: why? it's just Motrin, lmao

I finally got to spend time with my love, yesterday. It was a good day! Note to My Ladies: DO NOT eat salsa when your thinking of getting close! lmao... cuddling + salsa does not equal fiesta in the pants... or does it? well he missed me much hence, his kisses had passion x100 even with salsa breathe! It was a long week i felt like i wasn't ever gonna see him ! We ended up killing time at Barnes catching up on our usual magazines we NEVER buy... ran into a few cousins &homies, slapped stickers as usual... spotted "Dream Plugs" they make great stocking stuffers (; went back to his house... DID NOT do my work like i was suppose to ended up taking drowsy pills..

So, I've been dealing with one of the many ear infections... i always get them... &they are the worst pain. wow ear infections sore body sneezing &cramps "I love this combo! oooh ooooh gimme more!?" Last night i woke up while sleeping at Christian's, i woke up to the worst pop in my ear, then for almost an hour i cried.. waking chris scaring him i think... so i've been looping my meds like every 4-6 hours I'm on the dot making sure i don't miss anything i rather take care of the pain before it comes...

-I'm drowsy..
+fat eyes!
+done with cupcakes for dad's co-workers
+done with peppermint white chocolate
+i found my recipe for spice cake
-I'm drowsy
-lacking a few gifts S:
+/-Christmas Eve at the "Santos'"
++Christmas with christian (;
+Christmas at the "McCool's"
+Nanny Closet shopping...
+thrift store shopping after Christmas in LA
-my ears hurt!
-my ears hurt!
-my ears hurt!
+/- sleeping with medicine make me dream EXTREMELY WEIRD!
++Quick loving
+passionate kisses how i like em
+he missed me much!
++YAY! SAW CLARA TODAY **exchanged gifts, (pink nose ring)
+/-still creating gifts for christmas (; 100% paper mashe` for the lady cousins with bamboos, change &keys!
+warm tea every hour
+Thompson Family, Spice Mini Bunt Cakes in your future! (;
-dido, Best Friend! your like lost in the woods bread man!

Red roses don't sweep me off my feet!

I'm not a dozen of red roses type girl, candle light dinners and expensive gifts i don't even like diamond rings &I'm definitely not a believer of chocolate as an ideal romantic gift but these are soo cute.. Whooooa Baby, these can make me knock some boots! Make'em say "UGHHHHHHHHH Hello, Kitty."

Friday, December 19, 2008

whether you like it or not...


When computer graphics come to life... He's my main inspiration... My sweetlove, Christian of Glamorous Living Kids! doing Successful Big Thangs, everything by hand! I love him for loving "His Hustle Unconditionally", &never giving up! Nothing &no one has ever stopped him from moving forward in his very own pace... who said 1 man couldn't change the world? I'm so proud of him! Like a meal made with love is always better hand crafted, tough labor, late nights, &room grinds with love &passion are the best out there when each piece has it's own personality.... Get yours! $10 tees +5 for shipping... Glamorous Living Kids!

GoldBOOMS, SilverBANGS 88%, Get Like Me!

Don't be shy, put her in yo iPod Now!
Click it!
Download it
wait for it!
Bump it!
Blast it!
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Shake it!
Share it!

Happy Feet, Happy Ears! (;


Thursday, December 18, 2008

All i want for christmas is you....

Dear Santa, "Bamboo earrings at least two pair"
I'm not picky I like'em fake too! Get Them Here Baby! Looking fly for only $4.99, Holla GirlProps!

like a math problem...

1. marissa < super smash bros.
she is definitely not equal to that game, therefore she's LESS THAN! Yay!?

Ok sometimes the night just ends like that.. **fighting/smashing "I miss you baby!" shhhuuutttte not the same as you missed that damn game suckkkaaa! So it's late for me right now I've actually been sleeping early for the past 3 days considering I've been Anti-Communicating Well With Everyone but i got off track tonight thanks to this itchy throat, Yuck! swollen eyes, Yuck! sneezing, Yuckierrrrr! I guess im getting sick.. It might even be from the long walk i took in the snow, with my purple leggings &uggs...Note to Self: Wear many layers of clothing in the snow! So this part of cali we never really get snow that falls all day long.. today was well worth the cold bumps &the long walk in the snow the few snowballs to the head the many slips on the driveway..

So once again Monique sets up this gay little cozy movie night downstairs for my mom, sisters, &i, my dad didn't make it home tonight due to closed freeway passes. Apparently the roads weren't open because the Budget Cut &the Gov. doesn't want to pay overtime to those clearing the roads... somewhere along those line i read in a text.... if I'm wrong, opps false blogging! So now imma sleep, right next to the heater near the phone charger so my love can call me later &next to the cough drops cause my throat is 1 itch away from a cough! &my tea! (; Goodnight, i hope you enjoy the new look to my blog.. the little detail work i put into it.. a little clean up never hurt! xoxo Readers♥

&right now, Nothings changed...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Don't Trip Yet

Ladies thank you for inspirations, &for letting me borrow your frame (; MUCH LOVE ♥

Don't fall behind keep up with La Rock,

she'll keep yo mind right, ya sounds tight, &ya schedule busy!

New song coming featuring Three-1-Zero produced by Left Brain, "Electrify"

IF YOU'VE BEEN KEEPING UP you musta been sad Dec.15 delay but I'm positive it's well worth the wait GoldBOOMS, SilverBANGS, "The Fun-Tape" will be available via FREEDOWNLOAD, Holla!

Saturday Dec. 20
She will be performing @Shake the Hand Presents "Yes Ma'am" Ladies Night Pt. 2

New Years Eve Dec. 31
(FLYER ABOVE) The Breakfast Club Exhibit w/ MYSTIC, Percee P (Stones Throw) and DANA LA ROCK! Live art by RosaLee and great sounds.


My Baby Rocks a cake!

Monday, December 15, 2008

hahaha Secret Santa NOT!

I think all the girls in my family may be getting a necklace,
lmao gift exchange! not so secret eyyy? everyone's hitting me up to make them a necklace for their person... i think i may know who everyone has by now... (;

-You still slangin them necklaces?
-heck yes son, it works just side work making extra side cash for extra small things!
-I need to get one off you, Can you wrap it and ill pay when i see you no BS
-sure thang!

Happy Birthday La Rock!

Blow your candles out!
soon your dreams &wishes will come true.
May this be your best birthday,
may your year to come be blessed, &full of happiness,
&may your thrift store shopping be successful!
your gift's in the mail, look out for your mailman! (;

Sunday, December 14, 2008