Friday, October 30, 2009

#Vamptober Mixtape,

Phlesh Boys puttin in work "Phlesho" without a doubt, ending a month full of spook with a little trick up their new crew neck's sleeves n' a treat for your ears... Putting in work this entire month of "Vamtober" I've been getting little sneak peeks of this mixtape for a while now the hype of it via tayy has got me all giddy hahaha a few tracks via email and i been "LOVES'N IT" even before the little mash up... so now im ready to get my download on, &listen to this mix... Cause they are for sure supporting local artist with a mixtape for a feel of what a night in the #IE's like for a Vampire.... &if you know me well i've surround myself with friends &a little sister with a crazy love for vampires so im lowkey a suckka for some vampire type shit all of a sudden!
#Vamptober Mixtape Disc 1
(click photos for downloads)
#Vamptober Mixtape Disc 2

-tweet that thang, @PhleshKlothing

Monday, October 26, 2009

Dear Greatness,

May your birthday be filled with bows n thangs &sweet thoughts of someone special who waits you this Wed... May this be your best birthday, &may your year to come be blessed, &full of happiness, i hope my pineapple upside-down cupcakes soften your hustle...

la la la la la love you phatz!!!!!!!
gifts with #BOMF! cause,
the energy of my girl was in the building!


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dear Kitchen your a beautiful disaster,

"Soften your mind; and you"ll sweet"n the bowl ;n)"-Tayy

...because i was lowkey stressing some new ingredients to a upside-down cupcake for a super dope ass friend's birthday &Aww it was the sweetest baking tip.... LOVES IT, cause my instructions come with a spoon fulla sugaar, and juicy gossip from my east coast chola via text talking hot &heavy kisses! hahaha making me Cupcake sappy sweet in my messy kitchen with my #BOMF!

i miss my girl Danielle.. but I'm holding her down way tooo hard tomorrow night... i know she'll feel the love &bows energy....

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Great ideas can be fleeting, so don't let them get away. Inspiration may strike at the most unexpected moments -- even in the middle of the night -- so have a pen and paper handy at all times.

Ello Sagittarius not huge on horoscopes, but this is my career and finance “tale” being told :P

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

wet paint!

me time + K-Salaam &Beatnick Mj mix + sweet text=
sleeping sweet &wild once again...

**Amy's got me on my nail game hard!!

-lowkey a sap mess, i miss danielle
++after 9am i get a litto scoop of new news… (;
-im freezing
-i killed a clear spider EeeeeYUCK!
+hot chocolate rice in a snuggie
-sleepin on the couch
+4 colors on my nails
+cheetah in my west coast
+oh i stay bleeding
+back to life over in my tumblr world
+costume shopping tomorrow
-sewing for everyone
--needs danielle asap!
-juicy gossip aint the same!
+sweet &mani pedi night with the girls
-Halloweens lookin no sweet in the circle end
+/-moms going crazy with the decorations

..AUGHHH brb

Monday, October 19, 2009

my birthday's near,

November 23rd baby!
mark dat' mark dat' mark dat'

this is when the love shines 10x brighter... &my east coast loves send me love via envelopes! Aw mama ink i love her to pieces

sleeping sweet &wild

cause my taste buds are sweet... chocolate rice, &im **waiting **praying patiently for my sisssta to come home from the hospital... cause my thoughts are dull and cold but my thermals will hold me down for the night &keep me warm... i'm human too my heart sinks and my jaw drops but i still have to pick up and keep it moving, stay sane and smile in the ending days....

Saturday, October 17, 2009

ello friday night lesson,

chuggin sake &all you can eat sushi with life lessons
So Stumped, how can such a good night go so wrong? Was last night one of those “too” fun nights? fact is i miss my girl. I feel so incomplete &i can’t even imagine her thoughts right now.. in the end im thankful for my friends, im thankful for her still here &without a scratch… So many lessons learned from such a fun night.. still wondering why and what’s the reason.. cause there’s one for everything… &God doesnt let things happen to us without a great lesson behind it! it’s just so weird to me.. NOTE TO SELF: After all we are a group of friends who don’t need crazy intake to have fun im Saying no to chuggin sake &all you can eat sushi from now on….

**information shortage// circles over squares

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Indeed i love my ladies...

but indeed my boys hold me down...
#IE Ladies Night- More than a House Wife
non of my ladies are an average housewife, very much capable but simplicity is not our style when it comes to the juices we let flow cause our creative peak is at it's most high &this is what i love the most, empowering women standing strong behind one another... not letting a doubt in or a soul crumble... playing the role of a backbone to one another...

LOVES IT♥, successful ladies night that Brick To Ya Face &a collection of ladies help put together... whoop whoop &this is just the beginning.... get it right or get it tight... circles over squares! bwahahahahaha


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

be the reason...

my nail polish be poppin!
NOTE TO SELF: #BOMF minus the drama, circles over squares soak up the rain and let your creative juices flow love etsy everyday &craft to "Avenue- @CurtissKing" eat watermelon &get inspired to paint nails &drill holes!

This is exactly why I've learned to keep my business lowkey in the circle I've built up... venting only out towards those who i know will keep shit within the circle better yet within themselves, my shit's never blogged or subliminally talked bout until i slip up and vent out to wrong people my shit's only addressed via on a personal tip... this is why i adore my friends with everything I've got not letting in a little mouse for any cheesy interruptions! I love how1x meetings turn into flooding subliminal blog topics...if we on some laboratory type shit results is in and you and yours &mines and the Drama is at 75% too high please im keeping to myself may the loser weep, my circle is too tight for this...

Thursday, October 8, 2009


"Bow on Mothafuckkka"
inspired much by Stevie Crooks himself. Taking over a bow industry bringing sweet bows &cupcakes together for good loven and ammo on some girlie hustle type shit, cause we push bows &soften hustles daily! #BOMF!


don't sleep on us,

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ello sweet paper thang!

"Check you out" over there looking
so sweet makes me wanna eat ya!

yet another amazing paper fold J. Edwards turned an average piece of paper into a little japanese origin shelf decoration... how is it one I've never met can be so inspired by my very own movement &create something so legit for me? He put it down.... in such a sweet way... I've watched this guy come out the cut with the illest origami pieces on a urban tip now that's love... but never did i think I'd have my very own....#IE love, support, grind, paper chase movement... Yup, another soft hustle presents... Cupcake Papermatez... ------I can not wait to meet this sweet little cupcake... **i will admit rockin sicker shoes than me Pffffttttttt! &the artist behind the folds...

--contact J. Edwards to purchase your own... or get to self printing cutting &foldin'

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Rough little Sketch,

cause Ive been inspired, a week back... After a long night out being flashing in my chunky gold doorknockers, cute little bangs braid &a lowkey fly ass outfit malfunction i woke up to this the very next morning i promise you...
"Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as braided hair and the wearing of gold jewelry and fine clothes" peter 1:3:3
&almost cried my eyes out. Thing is... i get a scripture sent to my phone every single morning &this just happen to hit on point, little scary but very eye opening... And since, I've lowkey put the doorknockers to a tiny rest &i now tuck my nameplate in hahahaha.... although that's not what it meant exactly, This opened my mind again, i read it about +30x... &realized God's grabbin my attention cause i fell off a little again i will admit it & in anyway possible saying hey im talkin to you and please believe "braided hair and the wearing of gold jewelry and fine clothes" is catchy at it's most! I've stuck my nose back in the bible &I'm following my heart much more letting my craft's new beginnings continue to shine &not letting the "hype" control my being.... Well because so I've decided my live art this Sunday for a Ladies Night will detail a few pieces from this scripture... this is a corner sneak peek of the actual piece to come.. the colors are mind blowing the detail work is going to be fun! i can't wait to be soaked in good vibes, great people, &DIY women... Come this Sunday to "More Than A House Wife Ladies Night" &see me paint this live...


please don't sleep on my BOWS..

love to love me....
bows make the boys go ga ga crazy...
Hand Craft Mafia, **scissors in the air! i give gifts i get gifts!

bang bang kisses &Etsy birthday wishes!

Eww i know Im not true to you, not liking how i abandon you &come back with a list of must haves from my "Etsy Most wanted Birthday goods list", but it's my birthday soon treat me like a princess... until Nov.23 is over I'm almost 21 "Loves it"

-Crochet me something sweeteeeeeea... me right-- for the late nights green teea lattes and cupcakes
-save me some time, &scarf me up!
-sweeten my neck line...
-"Ello pritty Kitty thang"make me sweet chocolates
-Girlgang plastic knocker earrang goodies or/ bows &thangs

-Measure spoon me up... find me dope measuring spoons &baking supplies!
- 1 last request, Cupcake me til the sun comes up...
-Cuddle buddy me in cheetah sheets,