Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ello sweet paper thang!

"Check you out" over there looking
so sweet makes me wanna eat ya!

yet another amazing paper fold J. Edwards turned an average piece of paper into a little japanese origin shelf decoration... how is it one I've never met can be so inspired by my very own movement &create something so legit for me? He put it down.... in such a sweet way... I've watched this guy come out the cut with the illest origami pieces on a urban tip now that's love... but never did i think I'd have my very own....#IE love, support, grind, paper chase movement... Yup, another soft hustle presents... Cupcake Papermatez... ------I can not wait to meet this sweet little cupcake... **i will admit rockin sicker shoes than me Pffffttttttt! &the artist behind the folds...

--contact J. Edwards to purchase your own... or get to self printing cutting &foldin'

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