Friday, July 31, 2009

sappy corny inbox type shiiiiiiiit

"in the lines where we overlap, I'll find us again. have fancy fun tonight in flossangeles. <3"

cause, I'm now 9 minutes over my internet deadline! but that's otay...

Nailssss dun did!

i probably really shouldn't be painting my nails all dark and bold loud colors cause my right thumbnail is at it's most retarded state, hahaha special thanks to the rosy dress, and cups filled to the top with sweet juice drank that got me drunk and some how got a nail injury when i woke up in front of my house sunday morning... Cheers to the germ-a-phob boy who held my hair back when i released the then yuckiness chunkiness... and to the boy who got me home safe and made me wash his car with him in the 100degree+ the morning after, when i was hang overing well enough and 13 cups of crushed ice water did my body no goood! On a whole-nother note it was almost romantic the way he handled my alcohol intake hahahaha

nails dun did, attempt to hiding Saturday's happenings dun did :/

Friday a day of joy right? My homegirl Ginger, i hate to see the girl down.. i been on this tweet my most sane shit towards her... try and make a girl smile from miles away... the plan is.. there's a pretty island somewhere for us both to go hide and craft &write our lives away.... soon we'll find a BOY FREE ISLAND, where girls do nothin but uplift one another and use guys only for examples... Bwahahahahaha, oh guys! cause i know her exact feeling... i got 30 more minutes for @replying to my tweets &blog updates &imeem jammings cause i gotta get ready, but she's 2 hours ahead &i can only hope her next few hours treat her well... My hearts in LA tonight with the girl Clara.... mmmmmm num num num cupcake hookah? Damn straight sweet stuff tonight... but no romantic hair holding tonight just catch ups and west coast best friend shit...

I. Ben Inspired

"hmmmm feathers on my mind, feathers in my grind...

Bliss Bless Mess

You sure were bittersweet!
mmm num num num sushi &doorknockers, V.Gardens &secrets revealed Target "Price Cuts" &new eyeliner... Thursday the day before Friday, the day before LA trip wiff the girlies. Thursday the day Bliss was nice but mean to my pocket! first time i found gold ones I've been having disappointing chunky gold door knocker searches! meh! nothing beats downtown LA $1 knockers! but i settled cause my few months have been lonely and replaced with homemade earrangs! So, Dilemma here... $9.99 +tax, $.30cent charge using a card when total's >$15 total **drum roll please $11.16!!!!!!!!! Oh my my lucky me!?

Currently: Painting & Drying.. keeping these babies for as long as i can,
Bwahahahahah! The clear nail polish and fake gold trick**

Goodnight! on a clueless tip.. Ouuuuuutie!
+cause twitter kept me sane many hours of the day. watching nancy mcfancy get married like 3 times in 1 nights bwahahaha
+The dirty rich white Pilot men at the sushi restaurant kept us entertained some time of the day.
-San Bernadino made me sweat
+/-Ewwwwwwwb sleeping with my baby pink sheets tonight bedroom bound, cause i have a black man on my green couches.


Doorknockers = Happiness (;

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"stop combing your mind so your thoughts could lock"-nae

emerich = pie pops

the 2 coolest things on my wed. afternoon!
emerich randomly writes me via myspace giving me a link to a lowkey pie lovers heaven online... hahaha the simplest things got the best of me.. cause my life right about now could use a few mmmm num num num pumpkin &apple pie pops! lol and to think im no fan of candy period. this little taste bud teasers on a stick caught my full attention if i didn't have a few batches of cupcakes to bake (clay &real ones) for this sunday's event I'd be calling up my gramma to get her pie crust recipe & I'd be on this DIY tip...

i got the house kitchen to myself until Sun. hahahahahaha lol
"Boy, put your nasty away we going toooo freak this kitchen Oh I'm a freak baby, a freak with baking goods!"

Saturday, July 25, 2009

we're like this...

Killla walla Whale!

thanks hootchie!
i love the potential bed sheets/ curtains dress you've given me...

+forever 21 blessed me again
+hanging with the boys
+hanging with the girls
+dranking with the girls
?swimming who knows
-meh strippers
+we be friends
+dispersin cupcake jewels
-Ughhhh! MIA spanks
-Ughhhh! MIA sandal
+LA mon. tues. or wed.
+cupcake'n on the 2nd
+thursday was sushi sharing day @the Bbi event (INSPIRED)
+friday was girls night with my momma &moni's homegirls in the double digits
+Saturday is for the soul massives
+jeweling with Noa James
- i miss my Chola's
+$11 for the C. King &Love
++back in my room where my grind is!
+++seeing genuine friends for the past 2 weeks straightened me up! put me back on the map!
+My Cupcakes been in the streets don't even trip...
+Cupcake rosary's hit harrrrddd

slowly but sure I'm making my come back financial dilemma's holding me back, physically but not mentally... "immma immma hustla baby immma hustla!"

ello, road i knew of... i like this smooooov-ness again
+'s cause life is good.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

really tho....

"i wish God had a twitter & could reply back to me." -MIA LA BELLE

ohhh i would put @God tweets to work! please believe! like me knockin at his door with a different prayer every night and every second of the day isn't enough... he'd probably lowkey unfollow me :/ lol

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"We had a lot in common, But at the same time we worlds apart"

wondering if we could ever be friends again...
i remember how this song brought us back together as just friends...
i remember the first time we played it together in his car &
i remember the day we saw him live for the first time together
God knew what he was doing he put love in the air for a reason...

&to know why would be great..


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

unintentionally hacker type shit

"having total control over a situation is realizing that you have absolutely no control at all"

Saturday, July 18, 2009

i borrow shirt for 2years+?

-forever 21 blessed me with a belt/ best friend blessed me with a 2yr old shirt, dug up out from the cracks of my drawers &shhiiiittt…

-name drip drip drops.

Rissa B. Flirtin

say my name bissssh,

hotmess meet mirror, mirror meet hotmess

+my hair's gotten long
-the pretty room is not mine
+salad! salad! salad! salad!
+water! water! water! water!
-/+ dieting much week 1 down, plenty to go
+feeling fresh in my blue dress?
++Happy Birthday Dad,
-/+mom &dad came home buzzzzin @2a.m ishhh
-/+ callin mom** "Mom where are you? where? coming home already?"
-tirrred of crafting tonight,
+didn't get to go to la &chill with poetic &peklat tonight
+bakes sugaaaaa freeee velvet red cupcakes for noa "cupcake beast"
+Noa &Lesa chilled for hours at my new home (;
+me, noa, &my sissta watch True Blood
+clara &i late night texersations
+catch ups, throwback, &sew backs lmao
-deprived from Adobe.
+sole catch up
-miss my cholas
+dress up with the best friends old shirts
+forever 21 blessed me with a belt, vneck, jeans &a dress

goodnight world, sorry my randomness needs beauty sleep

Thursday, July 16, 2009

because friends come better with afros!

meet justin roston, my son.

“Every time I see a Cupcake I think of you, every time I hear L. Boogie I think of you..”

old friends back wif mo haaaiiiir &mo knowledge missing me (;
hands down i love these kids!

White boards & Madea scenes

"my best friend sends me text messages like this, they make me HAPPY! :) I love my chonga" Solé

i guess this is what happens when i’m just a friend to the boy friend &my computer crashes and i run out of Tyler Perry Movies &text messages become the new blogging for me &my favorite people are east coast bound!!!!!!!!
Accomplishing my mission...
the plus is I'm on my own feets...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Back &on some redundant type...

Back with a big bang? of course not, back with life changes that leave me nonchalant thinking hard &friends beating me up to straighten the fuck up... a post to vent, a post for welcome backs cause my computer decided to deprive me from updats &bloggage i guess it has had a rough 2 weeks on crash mode but here i am because lauryn hill will forever soften my entire soul along with old friends back in the picture, &new friends trynna visit the high DESSERT, where creative minds will freak the hell outta art projects &red velvet cupcakes flow... I guess I'm on some me stuff, focuses on some next steps in life. Smiles when she wakes, Prays before she sleeps, 3ways before the east sleeps, dreams before she walks out the house... Cause life is taking it's turns and throwing lemons all i need is gold paint for my lemons, chola's in the late night &a cupcake for my travels!