Friday, July 31, 2009

Bliss Bless Mess

You sure were bittersweet!
mmm num num num sushi &doorknockers, V.Gardens &secrets revealed Target "Price Cuts" &new eyeliner... Thursday the day before Friday, the day before LA trip wiff the girlies. Thursday the day Bliss was nice but mean to my pocket! first time i found gold ones I've been having disappointing chunky gold door knocker searches! meh! nothing beats downtown LA $1 knockers! but i settled cause my few months have been lonely and replaced with homemade earrangs! So, Dilemma here... $9.99 +tax, $.30cent charge using a card when total's >$15 total **drum roll please $11.16!!!!!!!!! Oh my my lucky me!?

Currently: Painting & Drying.. keeping these babies for as long as i can,
Bwahahahahah! The clear nail polish and fake gold trick**

Goodnight! on a clueless tip.. Ouuuuuutie!
+cause twitter kept me sane many hours of the day. watching nancy mcfancy get married like 3 times in 1 nights bwahahaha
+The dirty rich white Pilot men at the sushi restaurant kept us entertained some time of the day.
-San Bernadino made me sweat
+/-Ewwwwwwwb sleeping with my baby pink sheets tonight bedroom bound, cause i have a black man on my green couches.


Doorknockers = Happiness (;


NANCY-E$T; said...

lmao! you only saw the first 3!! i'm doing this all weekend ;D//

you'll witness it first hand on sunday!

Ginger said...

I want some of those, their gorgeous. The way your write makes me want to write poetry. I love it.

iim trachelle b. said...


where did

you find such beauties?