Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Self Respect Prevails

the type to embrace flaws&all, nappy roots, chipped nail polish, blemishes, chapped lips, &a not so tiny nose ♥ #onlyloveisreal

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I'm A Warrior,

Leave it to Dana La Rock to fulfill you with her many talents "The Loverfly" while she keeps you waiting for her music, but comes back bringing you sounds you've never heard, words to inspire, stories you can relate to, and spiritual lyrics to keep your mind right...

"Waiting for a blessing, cause i be in church crying ...asking for forgiveness when i know that i been trying"


Thursday, April 22, 2010

With Beautiful there's always Darkness..

"my music is my canvas, welcome to my art show"
-Noa James
If your like me sometimes I find myself stuck in the middle like i can never find my place in music, i jump all of the place my mood takes me from Spice Girls to Les Nubians to some MF Doom and back to some Dudley Perkins... you know what i mean?? Sometimes you like the Sweet sappy love stuff sometimes you relate to the Grimey rough dark stuff... "Beautiful/ Darkness" here's a Local artist that helps you finally find your place in music....

here's his 1st Single for a little taste of where "Beautiful/ Darkness" can take you "He's Coming" DOWNLOAD here**

Monday, April 19, 2010

Crooklyn, Cali

Local loven, at local events... something i sadly missed and a few faces and performaces i wish i had seen but Vimeo keeping me feeling like i was apart of the Live Performance of “Crooklyn, Diamonds &Guns” @ the BBI Release party... & i guess it wasn't too hard to feel like i was there... swaying in spirit on the neck of Stevie Crooks rockin My Sweet Hustle handcrafted Ski Mask Rosary Piece.... If you haven't already heard.. here's your chance **click**“Diamonds&Guns” &download let him "Rob your ears!"

Saturday, April 17, 2010

summer unisex love

For the love of loose tanks &Vampires...

Friday, April 16, 2010

Girl Power

with months of abandoned journal pages I've been so inspired by a "Trè Cupquake" his poetry blog post &inspiring tweets. So early this morning unease i couldn't sleep and i didn't know if it was last nights east coast chola update, 6+hours of "Sex And The City", a talk with a homegirl of similare heart aches or the sounds of Teedra Moses, but I finally threw on a beat and picked up my pen, i started writing and i thought how many of us "strong girls" think we are completely FINE but find ourselves reminiscing, and coving up our scars.... As well as it fits me im sure it fits so many other girls today... Sometimes i catch myself *doll'd up in make-up for no apparent reason* Lowkey im missing no one in particular but i do miss "it"...

The girl with the power,
The one who unites her weak suddenly feeling safe trying to satisfy in someone to seek
Where Queens of reminiscing is selective of past kisses on her throne of lonely cheeks
But this is the girl with the power
The one who sweetens her every weak trying to candy coat her dwellings peak
Chances are she's 10 ft sugar deep
Her pretty though blinded eyes
Fragile in her heartbeats
With a tough lean to her juicy physique
Is it that the girl with that power somewhere in her blemished cracks misses something that weaks
Might it be no one in particular she weeps
So everyday she rubs it like a foundation
She covers her scarred flaws
Candy coats her shaky pink lips
Brushes the tears off her rosy red blushed cheeks
Eyeliner winged so catty losing the illusion of her sad cried out eyes
But they say this girl's got the power
Chances are her make-up, makes-up
Leaving her 10ft sugar deep...

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter Left Coast ♥

While you indulge in your favorite sweets, getting down with the craft of coloring, hiding and finding Easter eggs, being past that average age and still loving the grown girl stuff like nail polish, chocolates and make-up goods your mom puts in a basket! I hopes your beliefs stand as strong as mine.... cause don't get me wrong my Easter is fulla cupcakes and park scene fun with tons of family every year but i wake up every Easter Sunday with a open mind in the wee hours of the a.m for Sunrise Service... from dark to dawn to the brighter side of things with a couple reads of the Word... to learn each and every deeper meaning behind Easter Sunday &it's cute Bunnies

Happy Easter blessings&cupcakes♥

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Craft on bitches!

sneak peek of some clay goodies, first attempt to lipstick pendents...

my "beautiful nail" hello kitty &bubble gum yumm

**home bound, homebody making the best of her time....

"to love ourself, to evolve."

If you didn't get a feel of New Amerykah Part I handle that "dance, sex, music, hip-hop" peep your Badu Game.... oh so sweet look what March 30th will bring us! beautiful Badu skin sways in the streets.... "ticket outta town" Yay to New Amerykah Part II: Return Of The Ankh!

Friday, March 26, 2010

"All that glitters isn't gold." -kay

Shizam ♥

Bada-bing-Bada-BOOM! Abracadabra! Pow! Like who pulled the rabbit out the hat? on some "Left Field Lovers to Friends Magic Trick"... I guess shit hit the fan early February for a first time i gave in to Young Love with every meaning behind it... now i'm 2 months strong i'm good to go "front if i want to" Not! i did have a few set backs and sad nights but nothing 8 sweet months and a Instant Change wouldn't bring you either... but now it's been a good lift up and i'm happily chantin #GirlPower...

Like as if you didn't know already, I'm built with a sappy sweet soul yet stronger than you ever thought. i look at this as a good thing the fact that i lack sentimental and self pity after a certain "relationship, relate-some-shiet, or relation-SHIT" *no pun intended* I'm so unlike the average girl i pick up quick... I will admit I'm human too!! I pretend to be blind, I dwell on gutt feelings, letting make-up butterflies and sweet nothings over power the bad thoughts... Not for nothing, don't get me wrong when it was sweet it was good... there were plenty of genuine feelings floating around... but in the end of the day i guess they never lied... yea yea you caught me If you've been a reader since my "Sweet November" posts, I'm explaining the reason my "10am _____ Editions" disappeared.... my 10am "sweetness" is now my 10am "selflove"

"I like to think that everything that has happen The good, The bad, The heart warming & The heart breaking it's all in my book... yea it was a cute chapter, just a rough page."

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

cake'd! nuff said.

Aye mama with the cakes, i like yo style...
Naycake... cake'd! nuff said.

yet again worn sweeter than yo average.... *humbled* to be laying so close to DIMEPIECE #BrainPower!!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Let's talk Cupcake Business...

payments are taken… thru paypalto cupcakehustle@yahoo.com

$25- CUPCAKE x Rosary
$25- CUPCAKE x Bow x Beaded Chain

$20- Ello CUPCAKEY x reg. gold plated chain +$5 for Rosary

$15- CUPCAKES x reg. gold plated chain (surprise heart or bow charm)

with mailing it’s a a 1 time $5 fee for regular shipping
-international prices vary &express or priority mail also varies…


Monday, March 15, 2010

Shanti Shoots...

closet time...
Dolled up, for no apparent reason♥

Weekend Love,

Every1 needs a lil dose of #WEEKENDLOVE ♥

It takes one to lose his good girl, & it's takes four bad girls to feel the good girl love. Cause i been on my #GirlPower shittt for a few weeks now, being able to get pass a few months i put in time and genuine heart-hardship... I guess with good girl loven it gets easier and easier... i never felt so connected with some girls I've grown close to over time.... "Taking chances" i guess you can say looking deeper and beyond what everyone else sees... nothing beats daily good mornings, updates, silly crush venting, closet talk via bbm, 4hr shopping in forever 21, grubbin, drankin, baking....

cause "I Do" via bbms
cause well they are my Weekend Loves
cause we # sign our love during the week
cause we Jooooose it up in Cherry &Betsy...Weekend Cruisin.

call me crazy but those 4 bad girls up there have been
"the best friendship piece ever!"

Monday, March 8, 2010

i la la la love her for this...

soon to be blasted in Betsey &cherry with the #leggingscrew + LA haha

Thursday, March 4, 2010

bang bangin' it with new hair...

just a little blog pit stop... sorry for abandoning, see i have a bit of a baby now... her name is Shuga... Shanti Shuga, she's my blackberry baby #teamblackberry

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

10am Sometimes,

I think as a girl with sapp running in her veins, she rather settle for a couple good minutes of sweet talks and good conversation, than a 24.7 constant courtesy text, sometimes. Dont get me wrong she la la la love every text message and the sweet"nothings" just sometimes a text can't take the place of your voice... "that's what she said"

it's 10am &she misses your voice.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

More than just a silly crush.....

"I... Wonder if you even notice me"

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Cupcake me. Bite me. Sweetly, like a vampire baby...

Friday, February 12, 2010

"i love your teddybear qualities."

Officially a Don't Trip..Yet girl...

"I'm excited much to be apart of a collective of some of the finest, baddest, yet sweetest ladies."
"hello kitty snuggie, on that vampire schedule, nails fairly did with my un-matching socks, procrastinating yet crafting til the sun comes up, cupcake, and tea at hand... blogging.."

(read more Dont Trip..Yet)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

"He who is humble is confident and wise. He who brags is insecure and lacking."@deeeelasoul

"the beauty of her, a blind man can see..."

Hmmmm the first time i heard about Kendrick Lamar his music had that " fine boy walking down the street double take, neck breakin effect" instant replay x a bunch! i was on my way to... #CommonGround IE bound back seat with my girl Danielle, Curtiss King was blasting it doing his little head knock... like Kendrick Lamar was the hottest on the streets usually when i hear something really good i hardly even take that extra step in asking who is that? and i just go with the flow... but i made sure i knew who i was listening too... that night we musta played "I Do this" like 6 times being that we were about 30 minutes away with a couple gas station pit stops haha.... oh the lyrics were a huge part of the night...

...dopest anthem for any misunderstanding
"the definition what cool is... boy i thought you know this, biiiitch i dooo dis"

3am tweet that night to @CurtisKing, got that link, downloaded that EP, and blessed my sweet little iPod with some greatness...

"...the beauty of her, a blind man can see a true queen &she needs me..."

download that thang
tweet that thang