Friday, April 16, 2010

Girl Power

with months of abandoned journal pages I've been so inspired by a "Trè Cupquake" his poetry blog post &inspiring tweets. So early this morning unease i couldn't sleep and i didn't know if it was last nights east coast chola update, 6+hours of "Sex And The City", a talk with a homegirl of similare heart aches or the sounds of Teedra Moses, but I finally threw on a beat and picked up my pen, i started writing and i thought how many of us "strong girls" think we are completely FINE but find ourselves reminiscing, and coving up our scars.... As well as it fits me im sure it fits so many other girls today... Sometimes i catch myself *doll'd up in make-up for no apparent reason* Lowkey im missing no one in particular but i do miss "it"...

The girl with the power,
The one who unites her weak suddenly feeling safe trying to satisfy in someone to seek
Where Queens of reminiscing is selective of past kisses on her throne of lonely cheeks
But this is the girl with the power
The one who sweetens her every weak trying to candy coat her dwellings peak
Chances are she's 10 ft sugar deep
Her pretty though blinded eyes
Fragile in her heartbeats
With a tough lean to her juicy physique
Is it that the girl with that power somewhere in her blemished cracks misses something that weaks
Might it be no one in particular she weeps
So everyday she rubs it like a foundation
She covers her scarred flaws
Candy coats her shaky pink lips
Brushes the tears off her rosy red blushed cheeks
Eyeliner winged so catty losing the illusion of her sad cried out eyes
But they say this girl's got the power
Chances are her make-up, makes-up
Leaving her 10ft sugar deep...

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TRè said...

I like this.. Stay inspired. Keep writing.