Monday, April 19, 2010

Crooklyn, Cali

Local loven, at local events... something i sadly missed and a few faces and performaces i wish i had seen but Vimeo keeping me feeling like i was apart of the Live Performance of “Crooklyn, Diamonds &Guns” @ the BBI Release party... & i guess it wasn't too hard to feel like i was there... swaying in spirit on the neck of Stevie Crooks rockin My Sweet Hustle handcrafted Ski Mask Rosary Piece.... If you haven't already heard.. here's your chance **click**“Diamonds&Guns” &download let him "Rob your ears!"


Lateisha Turner said...

i like him reminds me of jay z and wiz khalifa all in one and he from NY even better the home town loll

rissapeace, said...

ohhhh no he's from cali..