Thursday, February 11, 2010

"the beauty of her, a blind man can see..."

Hmmmm the first time i heard about Kendrick Lamar his music had that " fine boy walking down the street double take, neck breakin effect" instant replay x a bunch! i was on my way to... #CommonGround IE bound back seat with my girl Danielle, Curtiss King was blasting it doing his little head knock... like Kendrick Lamar was the hottest on the streets usually when i hear something really good i hardly even take that extra step in asking who is that? and i just go with the flow... but i made sure i knew who i was listening too... that night we musta played "I Do this" like 6 times being that we were about 30 minutes away with a couple gas station pit stops haha.... oh the lyrics were a huge part of the night...

...dopest anthem for any misunderstanding
"the definition what cool is... boy i thought you know this, biiiitch i dooo dis"

3am tweet that night to @CurtisKing, got that link, downloaded that EP, and blessed my sweet little iPod with some greatness...

"...the beauty of her, a blind man can see a true queen &she needs me..."

download that thang
tweet that thang

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Cook.ThePoet. said...

Im feelin this song. Def a groove out type vibe. BTW love the new layout