Wednesday, July 29, 2009

emerich = pie pops

the 2 coolest things on my wed. afternoon!
emerich randomly writes me via myspace giving me a link to a lowkey pie lovers heaven online... hahaha the simplest things got the best of me.. cause my life right about now could use a few mmmm num num num pumpkin &apple pie pops! lol and to think im no fan of candy period. this little taste bud teasers on a stick caught my full attention if i didn't have a few batches of cupcakes to bake (clay &real ones) for this sunday's event I'd be calling up my gramma to get her pie crust recipe & I'd be on this DIY tip...

i got the house kitchen to myself until Sun. hahahahahaha lol
"Boy, put your nasty away we going toooo freak this kitchen Oh I'm a freak baby, a freak with baking goods!"


lipstick cherry said...

those look delicious!

Tia said...

those look good gawsh lol..nice blog..check out mine and follow..i always return the favor