Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Back &on some redundant type...

Back with a big bang? of course not, back with life changes that leave me nonchalant thinking hard &friends beating me up to straighten the fuck up... a post to vent, a post for welcome backs cause my computer decided to deprive me from updats &bloggage i guess it has had a rough 2 weeks on crash mode but here i am because lauryn hill will forever soften my entire soul along with old friends back in the picture, &new friends trynna visit the high DESSERT, where creative minds will freak the hell outta art projects &red velvet cupcakes flow... I guess I'm on some me stuff, focuses on some next steps in life. Smiles when she wakes, Prays before she sleeps, 3ways before the east sleeps, dreams before she walks out the house... Cause life is taking it's turns and throwing lemons all i need is gold paint for my lemons, chola's in the late night &a cupcake for my travels!

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NANCY-E$T; said...

yayyy!! your backk <33