Friday, July 31, 2009

Nailssss dun did!

i probably really shouldn't be painting my nails all dark and bold loud colors cause my right thumbnail is at it's most retarded state, hahaha special thanks to the rosy dress, and cups filled to the top with sweet juice drank that got me drunk and some how got a nail injury when i woke up in front of my house sunday morning... Cheers to the germ-a-phob boy who held my hair back when i released the then yuckiness chunkiness... and to the boy who got me home safe and made me wash his car with him in the 100degree+ the morning after, when i was hang overing well enough and 13 cups of crushed ice water did my body no goood! On a whole-nother note it was almost romantic the way he handled my alcohol intake hahahaha

nails dun did, attempt to hiding Saturday's happenings dun did :/

Friday a day of joy right? My homegirl Ginger, i hate to see the girl down.. i been on this tweet my most sane shit towards her... try and make a girl smile from miles away... the plan is.. there's a pretty island somewhere for us both to go hide and craft &write our lives away.... soon we'll find a BOY FREE ISLAND, where girls do nothin but uplift one another and use guys only for examples... Bwahahahahaha, oh guys! cause i know her exact feeling... i got 30 more minutes for @replying to my tweets &blog updates &imeem jammings cause i gotta get ready, but she's 2 hours ahead &i can only hope her next few hours treat her well... My hearts in LA tonight with the girl Clara.... mmmmmm num num num cupcake hookah? Damn straight sweet stuff tonight... but no romantic hair holding tonight just catch ups and west coast best friend shit...

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Ginger said...

You're so sweet. I wish I lived in Cali so you could be my BFF. <3 I hope you have tons of fun tonight, love.