Saturday, July 18, 2009

Rissa B. Flirtin

say my name bissssh,

hotmess meet mirror, mirror meet hotmess

+my hair's gotten long
-the pretty room is not mine
+salad! salad! salad! salad!
+water! water! water! water!
-/+ dieting much week 1 down, plenty to go
+feeling fresh in my blue dress?
++Happy Birthday Dad,
-/+mom &dad came home buzzzzin @2a.m ishhh
-/+ callin mom** "Mom where are you? where? coming home already?"
-tirrred of crafting tonight,
+didn't get to go to la &chill with poetic &peklat tonight
+bakes sugaaaaa freeee velvet red cupcakes for noa "cupcake beast"
+Noa &Lesa chilled for hours at my new home (;
+me, noa, &my sissta watch True Blood
+clara &i late night texersations
+catch ups, throwback, &sew backs lmao
-deprived from Adobe.
+sole catch up
-miss my cholas
+dress up with the best friends old shirts
+forever 21 blessed me with a belt, vneck, jeans &a dress

goodnight world, sorry my randomness needs beauty sleep

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