Saturday, July 25, 2009

Killla walla Whale!

thanks hootchie!
i love the potential bed sheets/ curtains dress you've given me...

+forever 21 blessed me again
+hanging with the boys
+hanging with the girls
+dranking with the girls
?swimming who knows
-meh strippers
+we be friends
+dispersin cupcake jewels
-Ughhhh! MIA spanks
-Ughhhh! MIA sandal
+LA mon. tues. or wed.
+cupcake'n on the 2nd
+thursday was sushi sharing day @the Bbi event (INSPIRED)
+friday was girls night with my momma &moni's homegirls in the double digits
+Saturday is for the soul massives
+jeweling with Noa James
- i miss my Chola's
+$11 for the C. King &Love
++back in my room where my grind is!
+++seeing genuine friends for the past 2 weeks straightened me up! put me back on the map!
+My Cupcakes been in the streets don't even trip...
+Cupcake rosary's hit harrrrddd

slowly but sure I'm making my come back financial dilemma's holding me back, physically but not mentally... "immma immma hustla baby immma hustla!"

ello, road i knew of... i like this smooooov-ness again
+'s cause life is good.

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