Saturday, October 17, 2009

ello friday night lesson,

chuggin sake &all you can eat sushi with life lessons
So Stumped, how can such a good night go so wrong? Was last night one of those “too” fun nights? fact is i miss my girl. I feel so incomplete &i can’t even imagine her thoughts right now.. in the end im thankful for my friends, im thankful for her still here &without a scratch… So many lessons learned from such a fun night.. still wondering why and what’s the reason.. cause there’s one for everything… &God doesnt let things happen to us without a great lesson behind it! it’s just so weird to me.. NOTE TO SELF: After all we are a group of friends who don’t need crazy intake to have fun im Saying no to chuggin sake &all you can eat sushi from now on….

**information shortage// circles over squares

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NayNayGotCakes said...

=/ girl i want a cupcake rosary BAD..n reply from my email still