Friday, October 30, 2009

#Vamptober Mixtape,

Phlesh Boys puttin in work "Phlesho" without a doubt, ending a month full of spook with a little trick up their new crew neck's sleeves n' a treat for your ears... Putting in work this entire month of "Vamtober" I've been getting little sneak peeks of this mixtape for a while now the hype of it via tayy has got me all giddy hahaha a few tracks via email and i been "LOVES'N IT" even before the little mash up... so now im ready to get my download on, &listen to this mix... Cause they are for sure supporting local artist with a mixtape for a feel of what a night in the #IE's like for a Vampire.... &if you know me well i've surround myself with friends &a little sister with a crazy love for vampires so im lowkey a suckka for some vampire type shit all of a sudden!
#Vamptober Mixtape Disc 1
(click photos for downloads)
#Vamptober Mixtape Disc 2

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