Tuesday, October 6, 2009

bang bang kisses &Etsy birthday wishes!

Eww i know Im not true to you, not liking how i abandon you &come back with a list of must haves from my "Etsy Most wanted Birthday goods list", but it's my birthday soon treat me like a princess... until Nov.23 is over I'm almost 21 "Loves it"

-Crochet me something sweeteeeeeea... etsy.com me right-- for the late nights green teea lattes and cupcakes
-save me some time, &scarf me up!
-sweeten my neck line...
-"Ello pritty Kitty thang"make me sweet chocolates
-Girlgang plastic knocker earrang goodies or/ bows &thangs

-Measure spoon me up... find me dope measuring spoons &baking supplies!
- 1 last request, Cupcake me til the sun comes up...
-Cuddle buddy me in cheetah sheets,

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Neesh B Fly said...

Hello Kitty...what i love this..post