Wednesday, October 21, 2009

wet paint!

me time + K-Salaam &Beatnick Mj mix + sweet text=
sleeping sweet &wild once again...

**Amy's got me on my nail game hard!!

-lowkey a sap mess, i miss danielle
++after 9am i get a litto scoop of new news… (;
-im freezing
-i killed a clear spider EeeeeYUCK!
+hot chocolate rice in a snuggie
-sleepin on the couch
+4 colors on my nails
+cheetah in my west coast
+oh i stay bleeding
+back to life over in my tumblr world
+costume shopping tomorrow
-sewing for everyone
--needs danielle asap!
-juicy gossip aint the same!
+sweet &mani pedi night with the girls
-Halloweens lookin no sweet in the circle end
+/-moms going crazy with the decorations

..AUGHHH brb