Thursday, December 18, 2008

like a math problem...

1. marissa < super smash bros.
she is definitely not equal to that game, therefore she's LESS THAN! Yay!?

Ok sometimes the night just ends like that.. **fighting/smashing "I miss you baby!" shhhuuutttte not the same as you missed that damn game suckkkaaa! So it's late for me right now I've actually been sleeping early for the past 3 days considering I've been Anti-Communicating Well With Everyone but i got off track tonight thanks to this itchy throat, Yuck! swollen eyes, Yuck! sneezing, Yuckierrrrr! I guess im getting sick.. It might even be from the long walk i took in the snow, with my purple leggings &uggs...Note to Self: Wear many layers of clothing in the snow! So this part of cali we never really get snow that falls all day long.. today was well worth the cold bumps &the long walk in the snow the few snowballs to the head the many slips on the driveway..

So once again Monique sets up this gay little cozy movie night downstairs for my mom, sisters, &i, my dad didn't make it home tonight due to closed freeway passes. Apparently the roads weren't open because the Budget Cut &the Gov. doesn't want to pay overtime to those clearing the roads... somewhere along those line i read in a text.... if I'm wrong, opps false blogging! So now imma sleep, right next to the heater near the phone charger so my love can call me later &next to the cough drops cause my throat is 1 itch away from a cough! &my tea! (; Goodnight, i hope you enjoy the new look to my blog.. the little detail work i put into it.. a little clean up never hurt! xoxo Readers♥

&right now, Nothings changed...


claracakes said...

Snow! How amazing. <333s it.

Kay said...

i cant wait to order ur cupcakesss