Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Don't Trip.. Yet Ladies bring you a Multi cultured mixtape!

Don't Trip.. Yet Ladies give you theBLIZZARD, for your BLIZZARD!!!!
-Reggaeton for the fly Latin mamas,
-90's jams for freshest prince(sses) whether your in Bel air or not,
-roots rock reggae
-west coast jams, east coast raps

DON'T TRIP...YET or even try... "IT IS FOR YOU!" free easy stocking stuffers! 44:31 fulla jams DTY Ladies put together for you! some classics oldies that had ya booty shaking back in the day!

&as for me i will be press play as i craft, wrap &bake gifts less stress, I can only take so much of Babyface's Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer... these are my Pimp my jams! theBLIZZARD Don't waste time get it now &let Yummie know whatchu think!

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