Sunday, November 8, 2009

10am Sweet Sunday Sleep-ins Edition

I knew my shower in the weee hours this morning was well worth it 225! I'm not so much a WEIRDO, after all i smelt like smoke &it warmed my body up... Goodmorning waking in my MJ "Badd" tee yet the best shirt to sleep in bra-less (overshare) 225! & my snuggie feels so bomb & super smooth 225! I lowkey want a lazy Sunday, a sleep-in type deal where i get yumyum hello kitty breakfast in bed &able to knock back out and dream on
Surprise! i don't need sleep to think sweet...
but my daily indulge in bows &225's helps me get thru my days and nightmares. Hello kitty breakfast would be the cutsest tiny Ode to the freaking Three Apple Exhibition i happen to be missing out on... &i most likely wont make ends meet before Nov. 15th so until then hello kitty floats in my Sunday 225 dreams// sweeter than you evaaa had!

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