Sunday, September 21, 2008


+curling iron played nice today (;
+church was refreshing pastor said "God do yo thang! All is well"
+sometimes when you know you've abandoned God it's hurtful &find yourself crying
+veggie burger to soften my hustle
+/-getting my job back at Bath &Body Works
-forgot to go to the Cultural section at Barnes
+random reads, make me jump in my seat!
+/-hard cupcake had to asked thm to microwave it, i wish it was lighter frosting (too sweet)
-never take home the magazines i read! or books, jobless consequences!
+JUXTAPOZ &JPG story of my life! subscribe for me I'll give you my address!
+FINALLY!! They took JUXTAPOZ out of the plastic! lol it's the little things that matter
+high school bboy pocket size mitchel family reunion at best buy!
+talked to Kool-aid today my sweet hawaiian fav kine love
+talked to tee
+eyeglasses window shopping..

all in all, i had a great weekend! Chris &I spent that time we needed together we chilled, &caught up on our chowder episodes, really guys e watched chowder! lol he took my little sisters to get Starbucks, he picked Monique up from the football game, by the way i got a crazy sister named Monique with a crazy best fiend named Monique NOTE TO SELF: hide spank rock- bump! so yea everything ended well with a nice outtings today after the mini photoshoot last night &the church this morning &the cute conversation i had with my schhhhhhweeetness, um 23rd is so around the corner!

+/-hello goodbye why are you here where you going Aunt Flow? gosh she has her own brain!
+cpck brwn thoughts run my days
+gain two east cupcake love illa baby's been mine but we established a movement that's taken flight, mama MRS(Sole) is already giving the nyc cpck love

states the obvious, "clara loves me! (;"