Saturday, November 22, 2008

cupcake ladies, hustle their own cities

Lala hangs me sweetly above some of the finest accomplished ladies... i spy DIMEPIECE yay! a few of my sent off cupcakes made it safe &sound to there destinations (; and i was blogged with love... by some of the baddest ladies! I'm just more proud of myself m
ore than anything cause my cupcakes made their way all the way to New York!!!!!! never did i think that a sweet little pastry like this would bring me to a high....

so with my birthday &mine/Chris' 1year anniversary just a
few hours away, i blog! HAPPY BLOGGER I BE! cause i made my order, from Barnes &Noble it should be coming in real soon, cartoon sessions for my love's 1 year surprise surprise... "YOU ARE MY BOYFRIEND!!!!!!! num nums" lol simple couple does simple things day before.. he took my sisters and i to the park for some mini photoshoot he planned for us (; made me get dressed when i was covered in starch &flour! crazy! after a few wind/hair tough sister love malfunctions , it was a success... "next time we'll shave our heads bald baby!" all in all a blessed afternoon... &Larock got AND loves her stickers! "What a good day..."

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