Saturday, November 22, 2008

i think...

my stomach hurts &i have butterflies cause I'm nervous, cause it's almost my very first 1 year anniversary EVER! &it's with such a true♥ such a special boy, the only one who changed my tradition of lonely valentine's &showed me how special my inner everything is, who appreciated my full in the middleness... who makes my painting of life a little more detailed! the only man i brought home, literally &the one who acts a fool with my foolish family, 1 my parents can count on, &1 who makes my little sisters laugh, a man who i can lay near &feel like i dip my feet in such a better world, my helper to "dream catching" my motivation on top of my very own, the one i fight with &learn in the same night, supporter/one who helps strive in everything I've ever laid my hands or eyes on ... one I've fallen for, one my heart pours out to, the man i cry on, LOVE I've secretly longed for... only god knows how long i can love this man... &only god knows how thankful i am.. he makes life a bit more sweeter, you can never go wrong with a SWEET &LOW.
oh how we've grown,
happy 1 year love, &happy birthday me in 2 hours!
ok 1.. 2.. 3.. CORNY SONG!
but it fits (;

in conclusion for a first love you sure are handsome baby, (;

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Miss.Fortune said...

aww its all about u guys today..happy 1 year anniversary..
turn ur phones off and make it all about u guys!