Monday, November 17, 2008

Obama Cakes (;

"i wanna, sti.. sti.. sti..stick you from yo head to ya toes,"
sticker making with a bad back, grumpiness makes her boyfriend snap back, enjoy Obama Cakes i know everyone enjoyed the overwhelming Nov. 4th, stickers make my world go 'round lmao here's a sticker
ode for softening yo hustle with Barack Obama.. just cause i've been making stickers from slap days of random meaningful moments of my life on "Hello my name is.." "priority mail" stickers stuck with paint on my hand, glitter on my clothes, markers everywhere arts &craft style lol it's a hustle within itself, i like to share with average street walkers what's on my mind... "im on this let the world know how i feel FEEN type shit &if you run into it then youve seen type shit, so i write things on walls &post stickers in hopes that you'll feel me everywhere you walk, &every city you pass" i finally been stepping up my slap game &quality.. this ones for you readers.


LaLa said...

i want it!

MONAE. said...

your blog has been added to my FAVORITES!

PORCHE ` said...

AHH, sorry honey ! i need your email again so I can contact you about getting the necklace and stickers =/

Yummie D said...

wowww these are dope rissa

tataJunkiee said...

Can i cop; hit me back like seriously