Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sappy Sally

what made my day is when Chris' dad asked if Chris was serious about me... &Chris genuinely said yes... ); / ;) this was the very first dose of great news for the start of my day apparently "chris is taking my home" lmao yesterday i had a good day with my love... roaming around town making my very "first business transaction" as he called it, I sent cupcakes off to New York &San Jose (; things have been so BLESSED not even because my creative mind is improving &I've learned great ideas can come alive with a little motivation from within but nothing like family support nothing like my dad who works for LAPD hustlin my cupcakes.. &Chris hustlin for me on the daily everywhere he goes... lol oh how it seems so destined to be how well we compliment one another... our stickers have never made us more happy lol well here's a picture of my love driving.. driving me crazy literally (; &a sound Joanna &i been blasting enjoy.

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