Sunday, November 2, 2008

today was one of those "another days",
another lesson learned,
another cry i broke,
another fact to consider,
another heart to heal,
another change to grow,
another explanation,
another step back,
another step forward,
another blanket to hold,
another smell to embrace,
another song to sing,
another knot in my throat,
another truth he told,
another "to be real with you!",
another Lauryn Hill back rub,
another respect for self,
another hand i lose,
another thought that hurt,
i just wanna be in another time..
with another feelings
another angels
another faith
another growth
another change
another lesson
another mind frame
another chris, i once knew..
the other guy i fell in love with
the other smile to make my knees weak
the other late nights we'd watch the sun come up
the other vh1 soul cuddles
the other sweet talks
the other random emails
the other strong feelings
the other 1 on 1
the other shares
the other happy cries
the other "US"

day by day we live, today was just "another one of those days"...

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The Corny Collins Show said...

another lifetime huh?