Saturday, November 15, 2008

i love you num nums (;

+chowder sessions,
+goodnight christian &my dear blog.
-my back aches
-sharp pain kinda ache,
-&Joanna's the worst masseuse
-&Chris doesn't chill he sleeps
-my dad has one man parties, drink budlights &runs up our gas fireplace?
+C.R.E.A.M, literally cupcake rule everything around me!
+jewelry bowls in yo future
+my mom ORGANIZED my chaos
+sparkly clay
+crafting has good the best of me
-West Tech Medical school is closing down! );
+tomorrow Chris &i have a photography gig (; together we will shoot a somewhat wedding
-my back hurts!
-my back hurts!
+chowder sessions mmmmmmmmmm
+velvet mini bundt cakes lol
+obama cakes in yo future!

that's all folks, mailing goods tomorrow.. &meeting Xotchilt in LA! cupcake support has got me staying very grounded!

1 comment:

hb said...

it think its the cutest thing evar <3
i want that obama sticker btw...!