Friday, November 7, 2008

blog nerd, i be.

i found a dope blog that keeps me on my toes, (;
Ok, I'm one to get overly excited when i find a fun blog! or cool reads, a good writer, a interesting photographer with a photo blog of some sort, blogs with download-able great music! lol blog nerd! i know... get up on some reads...

&he unconsciously introduced me into a pretty interesting photographer, Sarah Small... to pursue a project like her's is beyond dedication "creeping up 11 years" a Polaroid picture of herself a day since 1997...

Lonely Lakers Man

ok so i leave you with 2 of the coolest finds this afternoon,
1. Leafcutter Designs World's Smallest Postal Service
$8 &her microscopic ink pen goes to work with your personal letter, goes into a tiny envelope with yo address a stamp then, seals it personally, old school candle style... sent off with a miniature magnifying glass, "isn't this the coolet shit ever? The dance i'd dance if i got one of thes in the mail!"

2. Francesca from Brooklyn, tattoo for a day or two, you build it, be her tattooist grab a pen at any time &draw in anything... this is one fly girl with one crazy imagination &gutts... blank polaroid tattoo/friends fill it in...

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Jasmine said...

This is such a clever idea! I love it, but i don't want copy her.