Tuesday, July 15, 2008

cupcake of the week, wk1

Holla, soften yo hustle..

so imma start this new thing..
everyweek i'll post up a new cupcake hahaha
it'll be like the cupcake of the week
this shit is fly a corn cupcake?
how creative.. i swear art lies in food too
i spent literally hours of the weeeee night on flickr.com
straight up searching cupcakes, pages &pages
hahaha Get yourself a life... i know
so im sure your all wondering what the hell does,
"CUPCAKES TO SOFTEN YO HUSTLE" mean.. um it varies
depending on you current state..
lol so as some of you do know to be cupcakin

&if you too thug &hustle'n soften that shit with loven...

1 comment:

MACHETE said...

bboy meeting???????????? when was this riss??? hit meup on the spizzle with the scoopizzle

by the way those cupcakes are comedy!!111