Thursday, July 24, 2008

Meet Gina,

She's soo FLY! Okok let me say last night was one of the most inspiring nights i've ever had, from the location to some of the dopest disk jockeys and local free style artist.. First "Artism", I met a good handful of new people &saw a good handful of missed people. Ok so back to this Gspot Gina girl, for first time meetings i did not expect her to let me get down on her canvas, Wow the feeling when you meet genuine heads yo! "creative people have to stick together" Ok beyond her dope paintings.. Girl had the dopest record jewelry bowls, $5 a pop! Use it for whatever, chips, popcorn!! "Can i eat cereal out this?" -Noa James.. so damn buy one &try it.. So check it, for the first time ever i semi live painted hahahaha the side of her canvas... i dropped some angels with wings &BSL loven... all in all i can't wait to collab with this Lady, she gives off such peace energy... Blessed to meet such people... so i almost threw my shitty camera away! OMG! so pissed so pissed so pissed! i was taking pictures cause mamaCAT asked me to shoot a couple so i was like of course it's ALL love when i shoot for Building Blocks, but lately man ive been fighting my camera to make it work the way i want it to, it's a mad hassle to keep up with technology &great shots with such shitty camera equipment! i mean damn, YOU DONT KNOW MY HUSTLE! hahahaha

My very first Artism, (;

Gina gspot, SOLD/ mamaCAT took her home,

noa, corn, seis

mamaCAT get's down,


semi first live painting, give thanks mama gina (;


microphone host man,

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